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How to improve the efficiency of the paddle dryer?

The paddle dryer uses the agitation of the internal blades of the equipment to complete the drying of the material. In many industries that require drying, the paddle dryer can be seen. What are the applications of the paddle dryer? How to improve the paddle drying? What is the efficiency of the machine? First, the […]

Drying equipment type and purchase

As the name suggests, drying equipment is a machine that reduces the moisture of materials. It has a wide application field. The sludge drying equipment is used to dry sludge. The dregs drying equipment can also retain the effect of the medicine under the premise of drying the dregs. So what types of drying equipment […]

Sludge dryer working principle, performance characteristics and parameters

The sludge dryer is a product upgraded and upgraded by our factory on the basis of the original blade dryer. The equipment has high thermal efficiency; the sludge dryer can indirectly heat or cool the paste, granular, powder and slurry materials. Unit operations such as drying, cooling, heating, sterilization, reaction, and low temperature combustion. The […]

Rotary vacuum pad dryer introduction

The rotary vacuum paddle dryer is a jacketed cylindrical container with a large diameter hollow shaft, connected to the shaft is a hollow blade with a specially designed scraper that scrapes the entire inner surface of the dryer And continuously moving and rotating the material to eliminate the possibility of the material remaining in contact […]

What are the factors to consider when choosing a paddle dryer?

The hollow blade dryer consists of two blade shafts that mesh with each other, a W-shaped casing with a jacket, a machine base and a transmission part. The entire drying process of the sludge is carried out in a closed state, and the organic volatile gas and the odor gas are It is sent to […]

Application of hollow paddle drying technology in the production of polyvinyl alcohol

Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) is an important organic chemical raw material widely used in the fields of emulsions, coatings, adhesives and fiber auxiliaries. Polyvinyl alcohol drying is the last key step in the product and directly affects product quality. The main volatiles of polyvinyl alcohol are methanol and acetic acid, which are flammable, explosive and toxic […]

Sludge dryer drying process principle

As environmental protection continued to advance, everyone began to notice the pollution of sludge. If the sludge is placed in the environment without being treated, it will directly cause secondary pollution of the water body and the atmosphere, posing a threat to the ecological environment. At this time, a sludge dryer became an important weapon […]

What are the precautions for the paddle dryer installation process?

The hollow blade dryer is also called a paddle dryer. It consists of a jacketed casing, a double-helical drying conveyor shaft, a drive mechanism, a top cover, and a moisture exhaust system. A heating medium is introduced into the outer casing jacket and the drying conveyor shaft. The heat source is mainly steam, heat transfer […]

Scope of conduction heat transfer drying equipment

Conductive drying, also known as contact drying, is very suitable for wet particles, while conductive dryers are more thermally efficient. Evaporated water vapor or organic solvent is withdrawn by vacuum or with a small amount of gas stream, which is the main carrier of moisture, and vacuum operation is recommended for heat sensitive granular materials. […]

Hollow paddle dryer correct operating procedures

Hollow paddle dryer is a horizontal agitating dryer based on heat conduction. Because the inner hollow agitating blade is shaped like a paddle, it is called a Hollow paddle dryer. The paddle dryer has been developed abroad for many years. This type of machine has developed two-axis and four-axis structures and multiple specifications in foreign […]