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What are the selection criteria for drying equipment?

Drying equipment is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural and forestry products, food, light industry and other fields. It is a general-purpose mechanical product with a large quantity. The drying equipment industry has gone through many years of history from formation and development to maturity. At present, the conventional drying equipment required by the domestic […]

What are the industrial drying equipment commonly used in industrial production?

In industrial production, due to the shape of the material to be dried (block, granular, solution, slurry and paste), and properties (heat resistance, water content, dispersibility, viscosity, acid and alkali resistance, explosion-proof and The production scale or production capacity varies greatly depending on the humidity, etc. The requirements for dry products (such as water content, […]

Different types of sludge have different requirements for drying equipment

After being dried by sludge dryer, the sludge can be used in coal-fired power plants, cement plants, garbage treatment plants and other factories to replace traditional fuels. It is important that sludge can reduce waste emissions and protect the environment. Etc. The benefits of sludge drying are no longer illustrated. As we all know, different […]

Operating instructions for paddle dryer

The dryer is a device for treating the moisture of the material. The paddle dryer is popular in many industries for its high heat utilization and heat transfer and super self-cleaning ability. Today, the drying equipment manufacturer will bring you the paddle type. The relevant instructions of the dryer’s instruction manual are introduced. First, the […]

Sludge drying equipment classification

The sludge dryer can dry sludge such as domestic sludge, printing and dyeing sludge, paper sludge, electroplating sludge, tannery sludge, petrochemical sludge, etc. Moreover, it can not only dry various types of sludge. It can also dry a variety of high viscosity materials. According to the different ways of contact between the heat medium and […]

What are the benefits of using a sludge dryer?

With the improvement of people’s environmental awareness, the sewage treatment industry has developed rapidly and the production of sludge has increased significantly. All know the harmful substances in sewage sludge, such as pathogenic microorganisms, parasitic eggs and many other risk factors. At this time, a sludge dryer is needed. Why use a sludge dryer? What […]

How to deal with industrial sludge?

At this stage, the total amount of industrial sludge is on the rise. If it is discharged without treatment, it will cause great harm. So, how do you know how to treat industrial sludge? There are also many methods for sludge treatment. The following is a detailed description of the industrial sludge treatment method and […]

Slime dryer maintenance tips

We all want to buy a slime dryer that can last longer, so how can we make the slime dryer increase its lifespan and use it for a longer time? Of course, it is to maintain the maintenance of the slime dryer. If you find the problem ahead of time, solve the problem, can you […]

Hollow paddle dryer installation method

The hollow blade dryer is a low-speed agitating dryer that allows the wet material to be in contact with the heat carrier and the hot surface under the agitation of the blade to achieve the purpose of drying, and can be classified into hot air type and conductive type. Two structures. The installation of the […]