Self-loading Garbage Truck

Self-loading garbage truck is a kind of garbage truck that has a very large demand in the sanitation vehicle market in recent years. This model is used in conjunction with plastic square drums or iron drums for the collection and transfer of urban domestic garbage trucks. The hanging bucket garbage truck is small in size, […]


Shaft forgings are metals formed by forging and pressing after solid-state heating. It requires the metal to have good thermoplasticity. Generally, shaft forgings are steel parts. It has high strength and good plasticity, and is suitable for manufacturing important parts with high stress and high requirements. Such as bolts, shafts, gears, etc. The specific steps […]

excavator slewing bearing

The truck crane slewing bearing is an important “joint” of the crane, so its maintenance is very important. So how to maintain the truck crane slewing bearing? When carrying out maintenance work, the first thing to be aware of is the risk of being dragged into the rotating pinion, crushing and shearing. When performing the […]

crossed roller bearings

Harmonic reducer bearings are produced for matching harmonic reducers. They are compact in shape and have mounting holes for easy installation. They are suitable for various types of harmonic reducers. Oil leakage from the end cover of harmonic reducer bearings is also common. In response to this problem, relevant personnel have summarized the causes and […]

tractor clutch

Points for attention in the operation of the main transmission lever of the clutch of Kubota tractor The main gear lever is partially synchronized, so it can be switched between 3rd and 4th gears and 7th and 8th gears when the tractor is moving. When switching, you only need to depress the clutch and move […]

vertical growth racks

The mobile vertical grow rack includes a planting tank and a movable growing frame. There are several uprights fixed on the edge of the planting tank. The upper ends of the uprights are fixedly connected by crossbeams. For the movable growth frame, the upper part of the column is also provided with a support rod […]


The high-speed automatic square bottom unit is a high-tech automatic assembly line production, mainly composed of ZT500 paper tube machine and HD300 bottom paste machine. Using the integration of light, machine, electricity and gas, there are more than 20 technological processes in total, and the computer programming PLC photoelectric program automatic control system is completed. […]

calcium hydroxide production line

Hydrated lime is relative to quicklime. It is a common white calcium hydroxide substance with strong corrosiveness. According to the characteristics of the mine, it is mainly used in construction, metallurgy, building materials, mining and other fields. Hydrated lime processing production line is a production line for special treatment of this substance. In order to […]

coal centrifuge

With the development of clean coal technology, the coal slime water process in coal preparation plants shall be limited by 0.5mm to determine the classification of coal slime. In order to meet the needs of the market, especially the requirements for dehydration of coal slime with particle size of 2~0.5mm in the separation process segmentation […]