compact shelves

It’s summer now, and basically it’s time for the heat. In such an environment, some materials will crack due to excessive temperature, so what is the maintenance method of the dense rack in the hot summer? Due to the difference between manual compact racks and intelligent compact racks, it is also necessary to distinguish them […]

square bottom machine

The square bottom bag is also called the paste bottom bag. The mouth can be sewn after filling. The open square bottom bag is widely used in the food industry. This kind of paper bag is produced by the square bottom machine. Then the installation and debugging of the bottom of the square bottom machine If you […]

calcium hydroxide

Calcium hydroxide powder selection is to make the extracted calcium hydroxide mesh more pure. There are many kinds of powder separators, such as centrifugal, three-separation, fly ash and other different types. Qualified powder is selected. In the process of calcium hydroxide production, even if it is produced by professional calcium hydroxide production line equipment, it is […]

Lift desks and chairs

The use of school desks and chairs will have a greater impact on schools and students, so there are many aspects that need to be paid attention to when configuring desks and chairs. So how to correctly choose school desks and chairs manufacturers? How to choose the school desk and chair manufacturer correctly 1. First […]

excavator slewing bearing

The raceway of the slewing bearing generally needs to be heat treated. In the heat treatment process, because the diameter of the raceway circle of the slewing bearing is relatively large, flame surface quenching is usually used. The method is to use acetylene to heat the surface of the workpiece to be hardened and then add water […]


The vibrating screen is a screening equipment often used in the sand and gravel industry. It uses the exciting force generated by the exciter to screen the material, which is convenient for the next production of the material. However, the vibrating screen does not run continuously for 24 hours. When the production is not in use, the […]

briquetting machine

Most industrial production requires burning coal to obtain a high-temperature production environment. In order to improve the combustion performance of coal, briquette is basically used. The briquette can better meet the needs of industrial production in terms of strength and durability. But not all the briquette pellets pressed by the briquetting machine can meet the requirements, and […]

Concrete mixer truck

2-6 cubic concrete mixer trucks are collectively referred to as small concrete mixer trucks. At present, mixer trucks are an indispensable professional transportation tool for urban construction roads, bridges, houses, water conservancy projects, mixing stations, etc. Small concrete mixer trucks have the characteristics of narrow body, short wheelbase, small turning radius and other personalized design, and have […]

excavator slewing bearing

Excavators, also known as excavators, are indispensable mechanical vehicles in engineering construction. The use of buckets to excavate earthwork and materials that need to be cleaned has greatly accelerated the construction progress and efficiency. When the hydraulic excavator is working, the slewing mechanism needs to be frequently the reciprocating action to make the bucket work. […]