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What are the advantages of combined drying equipment?

What is a combined drying equipment? Due to the different nature of various materials, drying materials in a single form of drying equipment often does not achieve the purpose of drying. If two or more drying equipments are used, they are joined together, or special equipment is added to the machine to make new In […]

What are the differences between drying equipment and drying equipment?

Drying equipment and drying equipment are the equipment we often mention, but the difference between drying equipment and drying equipment seems to be unclear. When we want to dehydrate a product, we will think of drying equipment or drying equipment. We will look for information about drying equipment and drying equipment. Because of the special […]

Blade dryer structure description

Both the agitator shaft of the paddle dryer and the blades welded to the shaft are hollow structures. The shape of the blade is a wedge-shaped hollow semi-circular shape, which can be passed into the heat transfer medium. In addition to stirring, it is also the heat transfer surface of the device. The blade is […]

Study on steam hydrophobic structure of steam tube rotary dryer

Project project: The introduction of steam from the steam tube and the discharge of condensed water directly affect the efficiency of the dryer. The traditional steam tube rotary dryer or steam calciner has a steam drum at one end and the steam heat exchange tubes in the dryer are connected. The steam drum is steam-distributed […]

What are the operating steps of the freeze drying equipment?

First, preparation stage: Check the venting valve and butterfly valve at the bottom of the drying box, the upper water valve of the condenser, the intermediate overflow valve, the bottom drain valve, the hot air blower butterfly valve and the vacuum line venting valve, all should be in the closed position. Check if the oil […]

Steam calciner maintenance

The steam calciner in the drying equipment is a type of drum type reaction equipment for indirect heating of steam in the production of soda ash to decompose the material. The second furnace body consists of a furnace body, an alkali, an alkali, a heating and a transmission device. The second furnace body is a […]

Select drying equipment according to material form

The method of dryer selection involves the use of past experience. The initial method of selecting the dryer is based on the nature of the material. The equipment selected for handling the liquid material is usually limited to spray drying equipment, drum drying equipment and stirred intermittent vacuum drying. device. It is also suitable for […]

Drying equipment in the chemical industry

In order to increase the drying rate and prevent uneven drying, mechanical agitation or the rotation of the container itself is usually used to increase or continuously update the heat transfer surface of the material, so it is necessary to further study the adhesion problem of the heat transfer mechanism. The drying unit itself is […]

Lignosulfonate obtained after drying

Lignosulfonate, also known as sulfonated lignin, is a by-product of sulfite process paper pulp and can be used as concrete water reducer, refractory material, ceramics, etc. Precipitating agent such as lime, calcium chloride or basic lead acetate is obtained by a process such as precipitation, separation and drying. This week, I will share with you […]

Resource management of papermaking black liquor

China has a lot of small and medium-sized paper mills with straw as raw material, but the problem of black liquor pollution has not been solved very well. The previously proposed alkali recovery black liquor treatment measures, due to large investment, are generally difficult for medium and small paper mills to bear. In addition, there […]