About us

Luoyang Ruidao Drying Engineering Co., Ltd. has 30 years of experience in drying engineering. After selecting the house, it specializes in hollow blade dryers. It focuses on the continuous innovation and application of RD drying equipment.
Luoyang Ruidao Drying Engineering Co., Ltd. Cohesive drying technology and engineering experience, specializing in RD multi-layer multi-stage multi-effect drying device drying device, RD liquid dryer, RD continuous vacuum dryer, RD drying granulator and other large-scale conduction heating The research and development, design, processing and engineering construction of the dryer has become a supplier of complete dry technology solutions in the industry. Luoyang Ruidao Drying Engineering Co., Ltd. has accumulated rich engineering experience for the technical team with more than 30 years of multi-field application performance.
In 2015, RD-30m2 hollow blade dryer, RD-150m2 sludge dryer, RD-250m2 hollow blade dryer and other equipment were exported to Taiwan and maintained long-term cooperation intention with Taiwan.

The whole set of equipment has been transplanted into the mature technology of the dry material of the hollow blade dryer, and the integrated RD drying technology is specialized, systematic and diversified. Heat pump heat recovery technology, multi-effect drying energy-saving technology. The market segment will be developed from single chemical powder to environmental protection, energy, pharmaceutical, food, petrochemical and other industries. The material form includes powder, filter cake, paste, liquid, and the like.

Typical representative cases: municipal sludge, comprehensive industrial sludge, large-scale slime drying, lignite drying, lutidine, molecular sieve, high-purity magnesium oxide, liquid sodium acetate, high-concentration chemical brine and other domestic applications.
At present, the company continues to maintain innovative research and development, after the application of paste materials and liquid materials; will soon overcome the application technology of high temperature lava heat medium, and further expand the market application field.
Over the years, the company has formed a business policy based on technology research and development and manufacturing. The RD drying project is the core of the business and the like-minded people share, win-win, and jointly build R&D, manufacturing and service systems. Luoyang is a research and development center and manufacturing base, and its service organizations are distributed throughout the country. And obtained 16 invention and utility model patents, 2 innovation funds, 1 technology-based enterprise certification, and won the honorary title of high-tech enterprises in 2018.