Liquid drying equipment

Liquid drying equipment

The working principle of RD Liquid dryer is hot shaft mixing and drying technology. It is an ideal drying equipment for liquid materials and paste materials. According to the discharge standards of organic chemical plants, the physical conditions, working conditions and process conditions of organic waste liquid, Luoyang Ruidao Dry Engineering Co., Ltd. has 20 years of technical precipitation, eight years of painstaking research and development, based on RD multi-level multi-stage multi-effect drying equipment, targeted secondary development and design, organic solvents, organic waste liquid for chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The heating and evaporation, condensation and fractionation are carried out to realize the recycling of organic solvents and organic liquids, thereby achieving the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction.

Liquid drying equipment parameters

Chemical liquid

RD drying device

Dry material: chemical liquid

Moisture content before drying: 45%

Water content after drying: ≤0.05%

Processing capacity: 2100kg/h

The world’s largest chemical liquid drying equipment

Model: RD-250

Dry material: chemical liquid

Moisture content before drying: 50-90%

Water content after drying: ≤ 2%

Processing capacity: 2000kg/h

Liquid drying equipment Device features:

1. Dry the liquid material by conduction heating. Operating energy consumption and cost are greatly reduced, bid farewell to spray and flash technology;

2, multi-level multi-level structure, greatly improve the processing capacity, while reducing the floor space and saving civil construction investment;
3, steam cycle multi-effect utilization technology, can further save energy by 50%;

4, the principle of hot shaft mixing drying, from liquid to powder one step, strong adaptability;

5, PLC automatic control, can easily control the temperature, processing volume and humidity of the material;

6, no secondary pollution, no need for exhaust gas treatment equipment;

The device has been declared a patent, and the powder, paste, and viscous liquid materials disposal construction unit can conduct technical exchanges with Luoyang Ruidao Company Technology R&D Department.

Liquid drying equipment Application range

1, pharmaceutical waste liquid

Large multi-layer multi-stage drying equipment (treatment area 150m2X2) is applied to pharmaceutical companies, mainly for the drying of heavy phase separation liquid produced in the pharmaceutical process. The moisture content of the material before drying is about 92%, and the moisture content of the material after drying is ≤10%. The treatment capacity is 2000kg/h.

Instead of the traditional spray drying technology, it breaks through the technical barrier of conduction heating instead of hot air drying, achieving low-cost operation. Actually, about 1.3 tons of heat source steam is consumed per 1 ton of water evaporated. The evaporated tail gas is condensed after dust removal, and only a small amount of non-condensable gas is incinerated or directly emptied, which greatly reduces the exhaust gas emissions; the whole system adopts DCS control to realize all automatic operation and human interface.

2, sodium acetate liquid:

Large liquid dryer (treatment area 150m2) is applied to chemical enterprises, mainly used for drying sodium acetate aqueous solution. The water content of sodium acetate aqueous solution before drying is 45%. The water content of salt wastewater after drying is ≤0.3%, and the treatment capacity is 2100kg/h.

We have done a large-scale project, the customer is the chemical enterprise of the world’s top 500 Sinochem Group, the drying unit of the sodium acetate solution section, after repeated deliberation and deletion, to achieve reliable and stable operation, up to standard production; molten sodium acetate pumping In the main engine, the DCS system can automatically adjust the running speed of the spindle, thus controlling the residence time of the material in the mainframe, and the moisture content of the discharge is as low as 0.2%. At the same time, the dry dust removal system can be used, and the dust removal rate can reach over 99%, basically eliminating the second time. pollution problem.

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