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How to choose drying equipment for light calcium carbonate?

In the production process of light calcium carbonate, drying is one of the main energy-consuming units, and it is also an important process that affects the final quality of the product, such as impurities such as black spots, pH, and sedimentation volume. Therefore, it is especially critical and urgent to choose drying equipment with low […]

Development of double stream high mixing technology

In recent years, with the rapid development of industrial and agricultural production, the demand for drying equipment has become larger and larger, the structure and performance of the dryer have been significantly improved, the quality has been continuously improved, and the overall level of drying equipment has been continuously improved. The progress is mainly manifested […]

The difference between drying equipment and drying equipment

When we want to dehydrate a product, we will think of drying equipment or drying equipment. We will look for information about drying equipment and drying equipment. Because of the special information about this type of product, we often have Mix the drying equipment with the drying equipment. I don’t know how to distinguish between […]

Cooling, use of feed drying equipment

The processing equipment is for the production process and is the specific implementer of the reasonable production process. With the continuous improvement and improvement of the feed processing technology level, the performance requirements of the feed processing equipment are also more stringent. Here, not only the traditional host equipment, such as pulverizers, mixers and molding […]

Paddle dryer design and development

First, Paddle dryer design The RD-Paddle dryer design process consists of nine parts, namely: 1. Sub-cylinder 2. Buffering silo 3. Cloth spiral 4. Drying main unit of RD (two stages) 5. Discharge spiral 6. Wet dust collector 7. Condenser 8. Induced draft fan 9. Cooling tower   You can also browse more about the working […]

Development of hot shaft mixing drying process

Project project At present, the drying of conventional water-containing powder materials mostly uses an existing drum dryer. This kind of equipment not only consumes a lot of energy, but also has a large floor space, and excessive exhaust emissions are likely to cause dust to pollute the environment. For the drying of paste materials, drying […]

RD-Rotary dryer working principle and maintenance

working principle 1. The belt conveyor or the bucket elevator is sent to the hopper, and then the feeder of the hopper enters the feeding end through the feeding pipeline. 2. The slope of the feeding pipe should be larger than the natural inclination of the material so that the material can flow smoothly into […]

Performance characteristics of gypsum sludge dryer

The gypsum sludge dryer is a low-speed stirring dryer which is equipped with a stirring paddle inside the equipment to make the wet material fully contact with the heat carrier and the hot surface under the agitation of the blade, thereby achieving the purpose of drying. The structure is generally horizontal. , Double or four-axis, […]