The tractor clutch is through the operating mechanism, relying on the friction between the main and driven components, the engine and the transmission are temporarily separated and gradually engaged, so as to provide or cut off the transmission power and ensure the smooth shifting of the transmission system. Some wheeled tractors mostly use friction clutches. Friction clutches transmit power by friction between contact surfaces. The clutch driving disc is connected with the crankshaft of the engine and rotates with the crankshaft, and the driven disc is connected with the input shaft of the transmission.

When sufficient pressure is provided to press the driven piece and the driving piece together, the power of the engine is transmitted to the driven piece through the driving piece due to the friction of the contact surfaces of the principal and driven pieces. When the pressing force is canceled and the master and the follower are out of contact, the power of the engine cannot be transmitted to the follower. Tractor work requires that the clutch can transmit the maximum torque from the engine without slipping, the separation is rapid and complete, the rotational inertia of the driven disc is small, and the engagement is smooth; and the heat dissipation is better, and the operation should be light. If these requirements can not be completed or the completion is not good, it means that there is a fault in the clutch that needs to be identified and eliminated in time.

Tractor clutch manufacturers have conducted a detailed analysis of clutch failures often encountered in use.


1. Change of clutch free stroke13-inch

The clutch free travel refers to the distance that the clutch pedal moves from the start of the clutch pedal movement until the clutch starts to disengage. The clutch free stroke has a specified value, and it is not qualified if it is too large or too small. If the free stroke of the clutch is too large, the clutch is not completely separated, and the gear shifting is difficult, which will cause the driven disc to wear out: If the free stroke of the clutch is too small, the clutch cannot be fully engaged, the power cannot be fully transmitted to the transmission, and the driving is weak. The free travel of the clutch pedal is one of the conditions to ensure the reliable operation of the clutch. The free travel of the tractor clutch pedal should be checked regularly and adjusted if necessary.

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Nowadays, more and more people grow some flowers and plants at home. Everyone has unique ideas, but many times they do not know what kind of planting frame to choose for indoor planting. is it safe? Will it not be able to grow? How to plant? It has become a problem for everyone. If you choose the right grow rack, it means that it is not a problem! So, how to choose a grow rack has also become a problem that everyone is concerned about. In response to this problem, the relevant personnel of the grow rack manufacturer gave us a detailed introduction.

1. Material selection

The pipes of the grow racks are not only made of PVC, but also of PVC-U, which is in line with international drinking water pipe standards, healthy and safe, and meets EU export standards; the metal brackets of the pipes are made of hot-dip galvanized metal cutting technology, and the brackets are smooth , do not grind hands.

2. Choose security

The grow racks are fixed with screws between the tube clips and the metal brackets, which will not be cut and are more firm. And the opening is smooth without burrs and does not hurt hands, easy to use! The pipeline should be selected to comply with the RoHS standard (EU drinking water pipeline production standard), pass the SVHC test and PAHs test, and meet the pipeline standard of the EU toy standard, so that the planted plants can be safer.

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The square bottom machine is mainly a bag making equipment used to produce valve bags made of kraft paper. It is mostly used to produce a square bottom valve bag, such as packing cement, mortar, grain and other granular live powder materials. It can complete 60-120 valve pocket bottom paste work per minute. Let’s take a detailed look at the production process of the square bottom machine.

1. The structure of the square bottom machine

HT120-IIIASF Paper Tube Machine(1) The steel plate of the main engine head adopts 45# steel plate with a thickness of 40mm;​​

(2) The structure of the discharging component adopts 12mm thick steel plate, and the surface is treated with 3 layers of paint;
(3) 120# channel steel is used for the intermediate support;
(4) The coil unwinding unit adopts air-expanded shaft core: 4 sets (45# steel; the surface is quenched by this high frequency; the bearing weight is 1.3 tons);

(5) The structure and parts of other mechanical parts are made of 45#, A3, cast iron and so on.

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Calcium hydroxide, commonly known as hydrated lime, is a material based on limestone and is the “first filler” in the industry. It is a binary medium and strong alkali (calcium hydroxide is considered a strong alkali in the middle school stage, but in fact it cannot be completely ionized in water, so it is considered a medium and strong alkali), with alkali properties, good for skin, fabrics Corrosive.​​

Calcium hydroxide is processed through strict calcination of calcium hydroxide production line, processed into high-quality ash as raw material, and then processed through careful selection. The application fields of calcium hydroxide are becoming more and more extensive. It is a commonly used building material, and is also used as a fungicide and chemical raw materials. The development of the industry is also very rapid. Calcium hydroxide has the following uses in the chemical industry:

1. The application of calcium hydroxide in the coating industry is also very extensive. In addition to being used as a filler in coatings, it also replaces titanium dioxide and pigments, and is also used to replace light calcium and precipitated barium sulfate;

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Students’ classroom teaching is an important part of students’ receiving systematic education. With the continuous improvement of living standards, students’ physical development is getting better and better, but the desks and chairs used in many schools are still designed according to the height ratio of previous students. Height and width will be somewhat inappropriate.

If students study on such desks for a long time, they will often form bad postures, which will not only affect the quality of students’ learning, but also be detrimental to the cervical spine and spine. So, how should we choose the desks and chairs for students correctly?

How to choose student desks and chairs

High Quality School Table with Chair

1. Purchase according to the student’s height and size

The height of desks and chairs and the height of the human body cooperate with each other, which can adjust the sitting posture. Among all types, lift desks and chairs are more suitable. We all know that children’s bodies grow rapidly. If the desks and chairs are not properly selected, Then it will not be suitable for a long time, and it will not be able to be used again after a year or two. Therefore, it is better to choose a lift desk and chair. Lifting student desks and chairs can not only lift the chair, but also the table, which is more convenient and practical. The desk top adopts multi-angle adjustment components, which can be adjusted to the angle suitable for students to read and write.

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We all know that no matter what the bearing is, it will bear a certain load, and the slewing bearing is no exception. So, what is the load of the slewing bearing? What are the common load forms of slewing bearings? Today, the editor will introduce to you the common load forms of slewing bearings, hoping to help you understand more about slewing bearings.

1. What is the slewing bearing load?

It is only said that the load refers to the external force and other factors that cause the internal force and deformation of the structure or component, and the load of the bearing refers to the limit force that the bearing can bear under the action of the internal force and external force. The load is also called the load, which is used as a slewing bearing. Said that the types of loads it can bear include traditional radial and bearing loads, working loads, temperature loads, etc. The following editor will introduce these loads to you respectively.

2. Common load forms of slewing bearings

Slewing Bearings

(1) Radial and axial loads

In a rolling bearing, when the total plastic deformation is less than one ten thousandth of the diameter of the rolling element at the contact point between the rolling element and the raceway that bears a relatively large load, it has little effect on the normal operation of the bearing.

The static load capacity of the bearing determined under this plastic deformation condition is called the rated static load. The rated static load is determined under the assumed load conditions. For radial bearings, the rated static load refers to the radial load, and the radial load Thrust bearing (angular contact ball bearing) refers to the radial component of the load that loads the half-ring raceway in the bearing, and for a thrust bearing, it refers to the central axial load. The basic static load rating and basic static load rating of the bearing refer to the maximum load that the bearing can bear when it is static or rotating.

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The normal operation of the equipment can only be ensured by operating the vibrating screen in accordance with the correct safety regulations during the use of the vibrating screen. Today, the vibrating screen manufacturer will introduce to you the safety operation regulations of the high-frequency dewatering vibrating screen that we need to abide by!

Precautions for the installation of high-frequency dewatering vibrating screen

Linear vibrating screen

(1) When the vibration exciter is installed and repaired, it shall not be beaten hard or have a different phenomenon, and ensure that the original bearing is used and shall not be interchanged.

(2) The thickness and quantity of the eccentric block or counterweight plate attached to the eccentric block must be the same, and the radial clearance of the bearing should be C3 grade.

(3) The connection between the universal joint and the vibration exciters on both sides must be concentric, the eccentric blocks on both sides are in the free plumb position, and the universal joint connecting bolts can pass through smoothly; if there is any deviation during installation, check the universal joint Whether the joints at both ends of the section are concentric, do not swing the eccentric block angle for installation.

(4) The vibrating screen should be installed with springs with the same stiffness. The spring stiffness on both sides of the feeding end and the discharging end should be as consistent as possible, and the allowable height difference does not exceed 3mm.

(5) Both sides of the support seat of the rubber spring of the vibrating screen should be in the same horizontal plane, and the error is between 2-4mm to ensure that the materials on the screen surface advance evenly.

(6) When using electric welding to install or disassemble parts, the ground wire must be directly fixed on the welded workpiece and as close as possible to the welding point, and the welding current must not pass through any bearings or joints.

(7) In principle, welding should not be performed on the side plate. Depending on the current environment, if connecting components are required, the side plate should be drilled and then connected with bolts.

(8) The universal joint must be concentric, and a protective device must be installed to prevent it from breaking and falling and hurting people.

Precautions for the use of high frequency vibrating screen

High frequency dehydration vibrating screen

1. Understand equipment related knowledge

The operator should ensure that the operator understands the scope of use and technical performance parameters of the equipment; has sufficient understanding and mastery of the structure, principle and common sense of maintenance of the equipment; familiar with the process flow and equipment control of the system; keep in mind the high-frequency vibrating screen Safe operating procedures.

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From the overall trend, the development of new energy vehicles has become more and more mature, so is the tanker industry! Lingyu electric mixer truck has been well known by card friends. Now that the oil price has skyrocketed, it has also been put on the “must buy list” of mixer trucks. The editor will introduce a HOWO electric mixer truck to card friends this time. I believe everyone You will love this money maker!

electric mixer truck

Powerful and fast

Equipped with Ningde high energy density battery and permanent magnet synchronous motor, the efficiency is as high as 98%, the output power is stronger, and the cruising range can reach 260km.

electric mixer truck

Fast charging tank

The dual-gun DC charging can be fully charged in one hour, and the charging process will not stop the tank, ensuring that “money” will not stop.

electric mixer truck

Automatic cooling system

The motor and driver are intelligently dissipated, get rid of the high temperature and high consumption of the battery, and make users safer and more assured.

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After the spring rain, the sun is shining and the air is extraordinarily fresh. Recently, Linyu launched the “Tiger Roaring Kyushu” 100-day market battle. In order to meet more market demands, Linyu continued to innovate in product research and development. Today, I will introduce an ordinary liquid transport semi-trailer to card friends.

CLY9400GPG36 Ordinary liquid transport semi-trailer

1. New color, beautiful appearance, FRP head + aluminum alloy surface high-bright white acid and alkali-resistant paint, easy to clean, and improve the texture of the whole vehicle;

liquid transporter

2. The patented structure of the outer reinforcing ring, the scientific arrangement of the butterfly-shaped wave-proof board and the simple wave-proof board, the impact resistance effect is better;

liquid transporter

3. Through the optimized design of the frame and bracket, the center of gravity of the tank is reduced by 80mm, and the driving stability is higher;

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When using a vibrating screen, the screen has two important process indicators: one is the processing capacity, which is a quantitative indicator that indicates the screening work. Another is the screening efficiency, which is a quality indicator that indicates the screening work. Among the products on the sieve, the more the number of fine grades that do not pass through the sieve holes, the worse the sieving effect is. In order to quantitatively evaluate the completeness of sieving, the index of sieving efficiency should be used.

Screening efficiency of vibrating screen: It is an indicator of the working quality of the screen, indicating the degree of screening operation and the quality of screening products. It is usually expressed as a percentage by the ratio of the weight of the undersize product obtained during sieving to the weight of the fractions smaller than the sieve size contained in the raw material.

Because it is difficult to weigh the product of the screening operation in actual production. However, it is possible to perform sieving analysis on each product of the screening operation, thereby measuring the percentage of fine fraction weight of the sieve size through which the ore feeding, the under-screen product and the over-screen product pass through the screening operation. How to calculate the screening efficiency of vibrating screen?

Arc vibrating screen

The screening efficiency can be calculated by the lower ore screen: E=β(α-θ)/α(β-θ)*100%.

α——The content of the particle size smaller than the sieve size in the raw material;

β——The content of the particle size smaller than the sieve size in the product under the sieve;

θ——The content of particles smaller than the sieve size in the product on the sieve.

Example: a vibrating screen with a sieve hole of 15 mm, after sampling and sieving analysis, it is known that the 15-0 mm particle size accounts for 50% of the sieved materials, and the product on the sieve contains 8% of the particle size, and the sieving efficiency is calculated. how many?

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