In daily production, during the use of the vibrating screen, a relatively obvious material conveying is suddenly not smooth, followed by the problem that the discharge is biased in a certain direction. To solve this problem, we must first find out the reason for the deviation of the material, and then find out how to solve the problem of the deviation of the vibrating screen. In response to the above problems, the vibrating screen manufacturer gave us a detailed introduction.

The reason for the deviation of the vibrating screen

High frequency dehydration vibrating screen

1. The vibrating screen has a long working time

The vibrating screen has a large workload and a long working life. For a large linear vibrating screen, due to its heavy weight, if coupled with repeated vibration and strong inertia for many years, some parts of the body will be loose, which will lead to vibration. The angle of the motor changes, so the phenomenon of discharge deviation occurs.

2. Uneven feeding

If the vibrating screen is feeding more or less, it is easy to cause unstable screening accuracy, and because of the more or less material, the force deviation of the material is large, and there is a problem that the discharge is biased to one side.

3. Exciter installation problem

The transportation and screening of materials by the vibrating screen is pushed by the vibration exciter to the material with a fixed magnitude of excitation force in a designed fixed direction. Therefore, if the material conveying is not good, it can basically be judged as a vibration exciter. There is a problem with the installation angle. Under normal circumstances, the manufacturer will perform precise installation, testing, and adjustment before the equipment leaves the factory to avoid the deviation of the excitation force direction, so this problem is generally not the cause of the new machine.

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