Now many companies have accumulated a lot of important information after years of accumulation. We usually buy some mobile shelves to store this information. However, if such mobile shelves are used for a long time, they must be cleaned and maintained regularly. Then how to clean the mobile shelves woolen cloth?

How to clean mobile shelves

1. Data transfer

Before cleaning the mobile shelves, in order to ensure that the materials are not messed up, we need to use labels to number each mobile shelf, and then the materials are also stacked by numbering, and then cleaned up.

2. Cleaning of the partition

Many people think that this partition is difficult to clean. After all, there are so many dead ends, but they overlooked one thing, that is, the partition can be disassembled, so during the cleaning process, the partition can be disassembled and reassembled. stand up.

3. Bottom cleaning

In addition to cleaning the exterior of the mobile shelf, it is also necessary to consider the bottom of the mobile shelf. It is necessary to regularly clean up some dust and paper scraps on the guide rail, which can not only ensure the running speed of the mobile shelf, but also protect the guide rail.

Mobile shelving

Maintenance skills of mobile shelves

1. Prevent rust

Although the surface of the mobile shelf is coated with powder to increase the ability to prevent rust, it does not mean that rust can be prevented. If the storage place is not suitable, rust will also occur, so the mobile shelf should be placed in Ventilated, moisture-proof, sunscreen place to avoid sun and rain, so as not to rust.

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As agricultural machinery, tractors are the basic tools of current agricultural farming. At present, agricultural tractors basically transmit power through mechanical transmission, and clutch parts are essential. Once the tractor clutch is damaged, the operation efficiency of agricultural machinery will be greatly reduced.

Therefore, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance on the agricultural tractor to avoid the failure of the tractor during use, which can help to improve the effect of mechanical operation and improve the efficiency of agricultural production.

Tractor Clutch Maintenance

Lubricate clutch bearings regularly

The clutch should be lubricated with lubricating oil frequently, and the front and rear bearings of the clutch should be greased every 12 hours, and the amount of each time should not be too much. For some closed-structure locomotives, the bearing can be removed during maintenance and then lubricated in heated butter. After the butter has cooled, the bearing can be taken out.

Adjust the distance between the standoffs to meet the standard

Due to the wear of the friction linings, the spacing of the clutch will change slightly, which will affect the working efficiency of the machine. Therefore, it is necessary to always check whether the clearance of the clutch is qualified. If it is not qualified, first loosen the lock nut on the clutch pressure plate, press the rocker arm of the clutch by hand, and then use a screwdriver to make fine adjustments. After finishing, tighten the nut and start the engine. Check whether the standard has not been met
If required, continue to adjust until the clutch clearance reaches the standard.

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Tractor clutches are mostly friction clutches. The friction clutch transmits power by means of friction. In order to ensure that the clutch can transmit all the torque of the engine during the working process and reduce the slippage during the engagement process, the structural design can ensure that the transmission ratio is issued under the calibration condition of the engine. Large torque 1 ~ 1. 2 times. The torque that the clutch can transmit, that is, the working performance is related to the following factors:

(1) Friction coefficient

The ratio of the friction force to the positive pressure (compression force) is the coefficient of friction, which is expressed by how many Newtons of friction force can be generated per 10 N of positive pressure on the friction surface. The same amount of positive pressure, if the friction coefficient is large, the friction force is also large. The size of the friction coefficient is related to the material and working conditions of the two friction surfaces. Under the working conditions of the friction surface of the same material, the friction coefficient of cast iron or steel to copper wire asbestos lining is larger than that of cast iron or steel to steel.


(2) The pressing force between the friction surfaces

It is known from physics that the greater the pressing force between the contact surfaces of two objects, the greater the frictional force that can be generated, and the two are proportional.

(3) The logarithm of the friction surface

Under the same pressing force, when the number of friction surfaces of the same size is doubled, the friction force generated is also doubled. The single-piece driven disc has two pairs of friction surfaces, and the double-piece driven disc has four pairs of friction surfaces.

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Hydrogen peroxide has strong oxidizing properties, and it will cause explosion after contact with flammable substances and organic substances, and there is a danger of combustion and explosion during impact, friction and vibration. Therefore, the transportation of hydrogen peroxide is a particularly troublesome thing. Today, the tanker sales manufacturer will introduce a semi-trailer tank truck specially designed for hydrogen peroxide transportation to truck drivers, which is not only safe, but also pulls more!

33 square stainless steel semi-trailer tank truck

tank truck

High-quality selection

The tank body is made of high-quality stainless steel, with circular section and variable diameter design, the center of gravity of the whole vehicle is lower, and the transportation is safer;

tank truck

Patent structure

The patented structure of the outer reinforcement ring, the scientific arrangement of the butterfly-shaped wave-proof board and the simple wave-proof board, the impact resistance is better;

tank truck

Reasonable match

Short wheelbase and long rear overhang are suitable for transportation in complex road conditions; the frame is made of high-strength steel, and the structure is safer after CAE force analysis;

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Due to improper operation, the tractor is subjected to shock loads during use, which is prone to wear, cracks and burns of the main clutch driven disc friction disc, warping of the driven disc, loose friction disc and spline bushing rivets, and keyway wear and so on. The friction disc of the driven disc is worn to the extent that the rivets are exposed, the cracks are in more than two places, and the charring, etc., should be replaced with a new tractor friction disc.


1. Replacement of tractor clutch friction disc

(1) Use a drill bit slightly smaller than the diameter of the rivet to drill out the old rivet, or use a special punch to punch out 1 old rivet, remove the old friction plate, and check and correct the warpage of the steel plate.

(2) Put the steel disc and the spline bushing together on the mandrel for inspection, and close to the shoulder. Touch the dial indicator contact pin to the edge of the steel disc, so that the runout of the end face does not exceed 0.5 mm. Excessive use of wide-mouth wrench for correction. The steel plate can also be placed flat on the platform. Check its warpage by measuring the height of its edge.

(3) Clamp the friction disc on the steel disc with a vise, and drill the holes of the two friction discs according to the hole position of the steel disc, and make a mark to prevent dislocation during riveting, and the two friction discs cannot be interchanged.

(4) Countersink the friction side according to the diameter of the rivet head. The friction discs are then riveted to the steel disc with copper or aluminium rivets. Each row of rivets should be riveted from two sides alternately, so that the rivet heads are evenly distributed on both sides.

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The choice of grow rack is a key factor affecting plant growth. Choosing the right grow rack is especially important for plant growth. In addition to size, material, color, firmness, use period, shape, drainage and ventilation and other factors have an impact on the growth of plants.

Selection of grow rack types and specifications

Mobile carts

The growth rate of plants is closely related to the type and size of grow racks selected. For example, a large number of experiments have shown that the plant height and ground diameter growth of most plant species will increase with the increase of the size of the planting frame, but the rate varies according to the characteristics of the plants. Of course, in the case of meeting the needs of plant growth, we should also try to reduce the size of the grow rack to reduce the amount of substrate used, thereby reducing the cost of plants, and the cost of the grow rack itself should also be considered. Therefore, as long as the type and specifications of the planting frame are selected reasonably, the growth rate of the plants will not be inferior to that of the ground plants.

1. Size

In the process of plant growth, the size of the planting frame should not be sloppy. Some people use large grow racks from the beginning to save trouble, but large grow racks are more difficult to control in terms of water and fertilizer management. Small seedlings in large pots will not dry out when watered, and some areas will remain wet all the time, which will cause the soil to be impermeable and the root system of plants to grow, so it is not recommended to use it.

In order to save costs, some people choose to cultivate plants in smaller sizes, which are easy to root and pack, which is very detrimental to the root growth of seedlings. The size of the planter should be changed according to the growth of the plant and the positioning of the product, and it should not be too large or too small.

2. Color

The influence of the color of the planting frame on the growth of seedlings is mainly manifested in summer. If it is black, in summer, when exposed to sunlight, the temperature of the medium may exceed 48 degrees, and if it is white, the temperature of the medium can be appropriately lowered.

However, the white planting frame has relatively weak UV resistance, and the service life is not as long as the black one. Also, white planters are very light in color, and algae growing on the periphery of the medium will reduce the oxygen levels that promote root growth. Therefore, it is generally better to choose black. After choosing black, the work of shading in summer should be done well. In summer, you can choose to appropriately increase the density of plants, which will help the plants shade each other and reduce the temperature.

3. Material

In addition, the effect of the material of the planting frame on the growth of the plant is also obvious. Materials with good air permeability are definitely more conducive to the growth of seedlings. Especially in hot summer, if it is a material with good air permeability, it will help to reduce the growth temperature of plants.

How to choose a grow rack?

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In order to ensure the stable operation of the calcium hydroxide production line and ensure normal production, it is inseparable from the correct installation. For the installation requirements and precautions of the calcium hydroxide production line, the calcium hydroxide production line manufacturer gave us a detailed introduction. One Get up and find out!


GFX Stepped Case

1. Device positioning

According to the layout of the entire production line and the axis or edge line and elevation line of the building, the installation reference line is delineated. Equipment that is connected, connected or arranged with each other should release a common installation reference line; according to needs, the target board or reference point can be embedded, and the specific basic position line and elevation line can be set.

2. Overall inspection

After installation, check the overall equipment, check the coordinate position of the foundation, the elevations of different planes, the dimensions of the plane, the dimensions of the plane on the boss, the dimensions of the cavity, the level of the plane, the vertical degree of the foundation, and the pre-buried ground. The elevation and center distance of the anchor bolts, the center position, depth and vertical degree of the hole wall of the embedded anchor bolt hole, the elevation and center position of the anchor plate of the embedded movable anchor bolt, the grooved anchor plate and the threaded anchor plate. level, etc.

3. Preload test

The preload test is a preventive measure taken to prevent the installation of heavy equipment from unqualified installation due to uneven subsidence of the foundation after installation. The preload of the test is not less than the sum of the forces acting on the foundation of the equipment under full load operation. The points shall not be affected by the settlement of the foundation, and the observation points shall be no less than four points evenly distributed around the foundation. Observations should be timed and should be until the foundation is substantially stable.

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The use of student desks and chairs in schools is very common, because if the school does not have student desks and chairs, students cannot carry out normal learning, and the study desk is very important, so the school is choosing student classes. When it comes to tables and chairs, you need to choose carefully.

Of course, the price of student desks and chairs is very important when choosing. I believe that many buyers are more concerned about price. So how much is a set of student desks and chairs?

The price of student desks and chairs

The price of student desks and chairs is different. There are many factors that will affect the overall price of student desks and chairs. However, the price of student desks and chairs is generally between 100 yuan and 500 yuan. This price is also Market conditions are also a relatively common price range. In addition, the price will be higher, ranging from 500 yuan to several thousand yuan. These are generally functional desks and chairs or customized desks and chairs. .

Factors affecting the price of student desks and chairs

Student Desk with Attached Chair

1. The influence of the material of desks and chairs

There are many materials for student desks and chairs. The materials are generally wood, steel, and plastic materials. In addition, there are combined materials, plastic-steel materials, steel-wood materials, and so on. The difference in these materials will also cause the price difference.

2. The influence of the design of desks and chairs

In addition, the design structure of student desks and chairs also has a great influence. The design is simple and complex or other small humanized designs. In addition, there is also the structure of desks and chairs. For example: the same material, the square stool is better than the one with backrest Chairs are cheaper and less material. These all affect the price.

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There are many classifications of slewing bearings, each type has different characteristics, and the scenarios used are also different. You may not be very clear about the selection type. Generally, the selection type should be considered: slewing accuracy, bearing capacity, working temperature, In terms of running speed, etc., let’s take a look at the specific method with the slewing bearing manufacturer~

Classification of slewing bearings

Four Point Contact Ball Slewing Bearing

1. Three-row combined roller slewing bearing

The three-row roller slewing bearing has the upper and lower and radial raceways of the three races separated, so that the load of each row of rollers can be accurately determined. It can bear various loads at the same time, has a firm structure, and has large shaft and radial dimensions. It is suitable for heavy machinery requiring large diameters.

2. Double row angular contact ball slewing bearing

The double-row ball slewing bearing has three races, and the steel balls and spacers can be directly discharged into the upper and lower raceways. According to the stress conditions, two rows of steel balls with different diameters are arranged. The axial and radial dimensions of the double-row ball slewing bearing are relatively large, and the structure is firm, especially suitable for machinery that requires a medium or larger diameter.

3. Single row cross roller slewing bearing

The single-row cross-roller slewing bearing is composed of two races, with compact structure, high manufacturing precision, light weight, small assembly clearance, and can bear axial force, large radial force and tipping moment at the same time.

4. Single row four-point contact ball slewing bearing

The single-row four-point contact ball bearing slewing bearing is composed of two races, with compact structure, light weight, four-point contact between the steel ball and the arc raceway, and can bear axial force, radial force and tipping moment at the same time.

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In mining and other industries, it is necessary to use vibrating screen to screen materials. When the vibrating screen is used, it has a strong exciting force, and the material is also screened because of this exciting force. After using the vibrating screen for a period of time, the screen machine may have a problem of large beating. If the beating is serious, it may cause the side plate to break. Therefore, when this phenomenon is found, it should be solved immediately, but the first thing is to analyze the cause.

The reason for the large vibration of the vibrating screen

High frequency dehydration vibrating screen

1. The damping spring has high hardness
If the hardness of the vibration damping spring is too large, it may not be able to achieve the effect of buffering, so the vibration screen will have a problem of large beating when it is running. Because the function of the damping spring is to connect the screen base and the screen frame, and it can also play a buffering role. Therefore, the hardness of the damping spring should not be too large.

2. Bearing radial clearance problem

If the radial clearance of the vibrating screen bearing is too small or too large, the bearing system will generate large vibration, and the whole vibrating screen machine will show a large beating phenomenon. When the radial clearance is too small, it will cause high frequency vibration; when the radial clearance is too large, it will cause low frequency vibration. If the radial clearance is too large, the radial natural frequency of the bearing elastic system will be reduced, resonance will easily occur, and large low-frequency vibration will be generated.

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