High pressure roller mill is a new type of grinding equipment developed on the basis of roller press for cement in recent years. Mines increase the specific surface area for fine grinding. The high pressure roller mill has the characteristics of high production efficiency, large crushing ratio , low power consumption, significant energy saving and convenient maintenance. For the operator of the high pressure roller mill, as long as the clinker can understand the working principle of the high pressure roller mill, the operation of the high pressure roller mill can be more handy, then do you know what the working principle of the high pressure roller mill is? What principles will be followed when it smashes materials?

high pressure grinding rolls

The working principle of high pressure roller mill

The high pressure roller mill is the same as the roller crusher in that there are two working rollers, but the working principles of the two are different. The high pressure roller mill is mainly composed of frame, extrusion roller, transmission device and feeding device. The squeezing roller is composed of a movable squeezing roller and a fixed squeezing roller, the two rollers have the same diameter, the axes are parallel to each other, and there is a certain gap between each other. When the high-pressure roller mill starts the motor, the roller shaft starts to rotate under the drive of the motor. At the same time, the movable roller is squeezed by the continuous thrust of the hydraulic cylinder, and the reaction force generated by the extrusion of the material acts on the fixed Can rotate at the same speed and in the opposite direction. When the material falls between the two extrusion rollers from the feeding port, it is crushed by the two rollers and squeezed into a dense roller c take for discharge.

The pulverization principle of high pressure roller mill

Compared with the traditional pulverization technology, the pulverization of the high-pressure roller mill is mostly quasi-static pressure pulverization. This pulverization method saves 30% energy consumption compared with the impact pulverization method, and the high-pressure roller mill can also pulverize the material layer.

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