Calcium hydroxide production line is a kind of equipment that makes calcium hydroxide from powdered calcium such as quicklime. Therefore, understand the specific steps of the operation procedures of calcium hydroxide production line, learn how to better operate calcium hydroxide production line and calcium hydroxide production line The key points of the operation procedures are the basic requirements for operators of each calcium hydroxide production line.

Specific measures for the operation procedures of calcium hydroxide production line

1. Use a machine to crush the quicklime to a size of about 10-40 mm, and then send it to the calcium oxide storage tank through a bucket elevator.

2. During the production process, the calcium oxide in the silo enters the first-level slaked lime digester through the weighing system. After adding water, it is stirred at a low speed with stirring. During this process, the calcium oxide undergoes a chemical reaction to complete the preliminary digestion and classification.

3. Then enter the secondary and tertiary digesters to complete the digestion process.

calcium hydroxide production line

4. After the digested lime is naturally decomposed, it is screened through the screen to obtain suitable specifications, and then sent to the bucket elevator by the screw conveyor, and then sent to the screen classifier by the bucket elevator for re-screening and rejection . impurities to obtain qualified refined slaked lime.

5. Refined slaked lime is transported to the bucket elevator through the finished product conveyor, enters the finished calcium hydroxide silo, and then is packaged according to customer requirements.

How to better operate the calcium hydroxide production line

In order to use the calcium hydroxide production line proficiently, the operator needs to undergo special training. In addition to the basic equipment operation, we also need to have an understanding of the theoretical knowledge and equipment maintenance of the calcium hydroxide production line.

When learning the theory of the calcium hydroxide production line, we mainly understand the working principle of the calcium hydroxide production line, the structural composition and key components of the equipment, and secondly, we also need to understand the finished calcium hydroxide products, such as what kind of calcium hydroxide is qualified product, what are its characteristics, etc.

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