High precision is the main feature of crossed roller bearings different from ordinary bearings. Therefore, in the process of use, more attention should be paid to avoid affecting the working life of the bearing.

Correct use of crossed roller bearings is an important condition for reducing bearing failures and extending bearing life, so how to use crossed roller bearings correctly?

The correct use of crossed roller bearings is mainly divided into two aspects: correct installation and reasonable lubrication.

1. How to install the crossed roller bearing correctly?

(1) Before installing the crossed roller bearing, make sure that the bearing is clean and free of impurities.

(2) When installing, do not tap the bearing with your hands or other tools. It is recommended to use a special tool to press the bearing straight and evenly.

(3) When the seat ring of the crossed roller bearing is loose with the seat hole, it is recommended not to use the method of pockmarking or padding the surface, and continue to use the bearing. At this time, the seat hole should be repaired, or directly Replace the crossed roller bearings.

(4) When disassembling the crossed roller bearing, use a suitable tool to pull out the bearing, and do not hit the crossed roller bearing with a chisel, hand hammer, etc.


crossed roller bearings


2. How to lubricate the cross roller bearing reasonably?

When lubricating crossed roller bearings, the commonly used lubricants are lubricating oil and grease. The two lubricants are used in slightly different scenarios. When the peripheral speed of the shaft is less than 4-5m/s, or the parts of the car that cannot be lubricated with lubricating oil, grease will be used for lubrication. The advantage of using grease lubrication is that the sealing structure is simple, the grease is not easy to lose, and it is not affected by the temperature, and the grease can be used for a longer time.

Crossed roller bearings with high speed and high working environment temperature need to be lubricated with lubricating oil. The advantage of using lubricating oil is that the frictional resistance is smaller and the heat can be dissipated in time. The brand and model of the lubricating oil should be selected according to the requirements of the manual, and should be replaced in time according to the maintenance cycle of the machine. Before replacing the new lubricating oil, the old oil should be released, and the When cleaning the mechanism, the amount of lubricating oil used should be in accordance with the specified marking line, or the same as the oil filling port, and no more should be added.

Details can be accessed here: https://www.prsbearings.com/a/news/use-of-crossed-roller-bearings.html