As the name suggests, the square bottom machine is used to bond the bottom of the paper bag to the whole through a certain hot pressing or gluing process. We often use various paper bags in our daily life, but few people understand the working principle and working process of this bag making machine.

The working principle of the square bottom machine

HD200A-IIIDJ Square Bottom Machine

1. Silo discharge mechanism

The apparatus includes a rack. The frame is provided with a turntable, a turntable, a paper suction assembly arranged on the turntable, a silo, and a discharging mechanism; the silo and the discharging mechanism are arranged on both sides above the frame, and the silo and the discharging mechanism are located on the rotation path of the turntable. ; The turntable includes a disc body at both ends and a mandrel connecting the two disc bodies.

2. Paper suction device

The paper suction assembly is rotatably installed on two disc bodies of the turntable, one of the disc bodies is provided with a transmission mechanism for driving the rotation of the paper suction assembly, and the other disc body is provided with a gas distribution mechanism for distributing air to the paper suction assembly; the paper suction assembly It includes a hollow shaft, the hollow shaft is rotatably arranged on the two disc bodies of the turntable, and a number of paper suction wheels are sleeved on the hollow shaft.

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