The hydrated lime production line is to crush the qualified hydrated lime blocks to a particle size of about 40mm by the jaw crusher, and send them to the hydrated lime storage tank silo through the bucket elevator. The digester performs preliminary digestion. When the hydrated lime completes the primary digestion, it enters into the Ⅱ-level digestion or the Ⅲ-level digester, so that the hydrated lime is completely digested and decomposed, and the qualified hydrated lime primary product is generated, and the digestibility reaches 98%. The design is divided into single-axis, double-axis and multi-axis models).

The digested and decomposed hydrated lime is then sent to the classifier by the semi-finished product screw conveyor, and the product impurities separation and fineness classification are completed by the powder classifier, and the final qualified product after the classification is completed. Warehouses are packaged separately. All polluted nodes of this production line are completed by pulse dust collectors, and the dust collection rate reaches 99.5%.


15T installation site of Weinan Yaobai Cement Plant

Crushing System: Hammer Crusher

Conveying system: bucket elevator, conveyor

Digestion system: Qualified hydrated lime enters the digester for preliminary digestion. When the hydrated lime completes primary digestion, it enters into the secondary or tertiary digester to complete the digestion and decomposition of hydrated lime to generate qualified primary product of hydrated lime with a digestibility of 98%.

Slag discharge system: primary and secondary slag discharge, the slag discharge first discharges the impurities larger than 0.5cm in the semi-finished product, and then the secondary slag discharge discharges the components less than 0.5cm and sand and coal ash.

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