With the improvement of people’s living standards, desks and chairs have gradually been paid more attention to by the society, from simple wooden boards to desks and chairs that can now be raised and lowered. So what is the size of the current lift desks and chairs, how do we choose?

Dimensions of lift desks and chairs

Furniture for School Children

In fact, there is no fixed size of desks, and the sizes used by students of each age group will be somewhat different. Let’s take a look at the standard size of desks and chairs. Table and chair height standards for nine classes of students of different heights.

For example, if the height of the student is under 140cm, the height of the desk should be 52cm, the height of the empty area under the desk should be 40cm, and the height of the chair should be 29cm; the height of the student between 140 and 175cm, the height of the desk used should be 40cm. It is 67cm, the height of the empty area under the table should be 55cm, and the height of the chair surface should be 38cm. Moreover, according to the regulations, the forms of desks and chairs used in primary and secondary schools can be optional, but the main dimensions of the table height, the height of the empty area under the desk and the height of the chair surface must meet the home standard.

Lifting student desk size

1. Junior high school student desk size: 600mmx450mmx ( 780-690) mm Elementary school student desk size: 600mmx450mmx ( 750-660 ) ​​mm

2. Desktop size and requirements: 600mm x 400mm, the material is AA solid wood oak plug board with a thickness of 20mm, and the edges and corners of the desktop are arc-shaped.

3. Desk lift side plate: the upper part of the main body is 355mm wide, the bottom width is 240mm, the height is 368mm, the edge is 13mm, and the thickness is 1.2mm.

The student desks produced by our company have four levels of adjustment. The center distance of the fixing screw of each level of lifting holes is 60mm. Equipped with a PP engineering plastic hook, the hook does not exceed the desktop (to ensure the safety of the students), and there are reinforcing ribs on the edge and the middle part. The desktop and the main body are connected by self-tapping (at least 10 screws), and no wires are exposed.

4. Table legs: The horizontal legs at the bottom of the table are made of cold-rolled 25mm*50mm*1 4mm flat round steel pipes, and the bottom legs are 370mm long. The height of the double columns on the bottom leg is 400mm, the distance between the double columns is 35mm, and the outer column between the double columns on both sides is 80mm away from the bottom leg with a 465mm long flat round steel pipe 20mm*50mm*1.4mm to connect.

Details can be accessed by clicking here:https://www.aoyangschoolfurniture.com/aoyang-news/lifting-desk-and-chair-size.html