In the mining sand and gravel industry, vibrating screens are often used to screen materials. Generally, the production in this industry is in an open-air environment, so sometimes bad weather is encountered. The main screening object in the vibrating screen, the screen, is sometimes inevitably affected by rain, etc., which will cause the screen to rust. However, the rust of the vibrating screen will not only affect the production efficiency of the vibrating screen, but also It affects the production efficiency of the entire machine-made sand production line, so when rust occurs, it must be dealt with in time.

How to prevent the vibrating screen from rusting

High frequency dehydration vibrating screen

1. Select high-quality equipment

Choose a vibrating screen equipment with good material quality, and the quality of its accessories is also good, and it is not easy to rust. Therefore, high-quality screen material can largely avoid the occurrence of rust.

2. Cover the protective layer

Set a protective layer on the screen of the vibrating screen, for example, apply vaseline, oil, paint, etc. on the screen, or use hot-dip, electroplating, sputtering and other methods to coat the screen with corrosion-resistant metal, usually forming an oxide film, isolating The air will corrode the screen, and then do a good job of rust prevention and reduce the rust of the screen. Because the rust of the screen is mainly due to the chemical reaction between its surface and the moisture in the air, so in order to do a good job in the anti-rust work of the screen, the screen of the vibrating screen must be isolated from the air.

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