In major mining enterprises, the ball press is an important material forming equipment, and its forming efficiency directly affects the production efficiency of the enterprise. In order to increase production, many enterprises often increase the speed of the ball press. Does the speed affect the quality? Does faster revs really increase production?

The principle of briquetting machine forming

High pressure briquetting machine

The forming principle of the briquetting machine is to extrude the falling powdery material in the ball socket through two rollers with the same shape, the same number, and the same position on the surface to remove the air between the material particles and make the particles more compact. compact to form pellets with the same shape and size as the ball socket. The pelletizing rate of this molding method is directly affected by the characteristics of the material, as well as the gap between the rollers and the pressure and rotation speed. When all parameters are appropriate, the quality of the pellets to be guaranteed.

The influence of the speed of the briquetting machine on the quality of the balls

High pressure briquetting machine

We said above that only when the parameters of the briquetting machine are appropriate can the quality of the balls be guaranteed. In the case of inconvenient other parameters, can simply increasing the rotational speed increase the production? The answer is not necessarily, and whether the speed is too fast or too slow, it has a serious impact on the formation of the ball.

1. The speed of the ball press is too fast

It seems to be a fast process to remove the gas between particles under pressure, but this process also takes time. When there is a lot of air between the particles of the material and the molding pressure is constant, the time it takes for the material to form will be correspondingly slow. At this time, if the speed of the briquetting machine is increased, the molding time will be reduced, then there will be a large amount of air that has not been excluded from the inside of the ball, and the compactness of the pellet will be insufficient, and there will be virtual balls and loose balls.

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