The high-speed automatic square bottom unit is a high-tech automatic assembly line production, mainly composed of ZT500 paper tube machine and HD300 bottom paste machine. Using the integration of light, machine, electricity and gas, there are more than 20 technological processes in total, and the computer programming PLC photoelectric program automatic control system is completed. This machine is currently domestically designed with high automation, good safe operation performance, high-speed automatic square bottom unit assembly line production, the whole machine lubrication system adopts automatic lubrication, the unit has good stability, low noise and low noise, and is easy to operate and adjust.


(1) Process flow of paper tube machine

Unwinding, automatic overprinting, brake feeding and layer guidance, automatic unwinding and deviation correction, auxiliary traction, virtual cutting, horizontal step dispensing, longitudinal dispensing, bag tube forming, traction, piercing vents, tearing, separation send bag.

square bottom paste machine

(2) Process flow of square bottom machine

Rotary vacuum high-speed feeding, vent hole piercing, bag bottom forming, bag tube conveying, bag tube bottom opening, valve mouth strip pasting, automatic glue application, forming bottom sticking, bag bottom flipping, counting grouping, and stacking.

The above is the entire introduction of the process flow of the square bottom unit. I hope it can help you better, so that you can have a better understanding of the square bottom unit.

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