As a commonly used office furniture, file cabinets are no strangers to everyone. In daily applications, file cabinets are basically used to store archives. In addition to store files, what functions do file cabinets have? 1.Store files. Steel file cabinets, as the name suggests, are cabinets for storing files, which is also its most basic function. In daily work, a […]

The office filing cabinet is the main office furniture used to store documents, and it is an indispensable piece of office furniture in the office. In terms of materials, the common ones are solid wood office filing cabinets, panel office filing cabinets, stainless steel office filing cabinets and glass office filing cabinets. Solid wood office […]

We all know that lockers are indispensable office furniture for an office. There are various styles of lockers, among which the most commonly used lockers are steel lockers, which we often used in work, so they occupy an important position in the market. So, let me introduce it to you in detail below. What are Steel Lockers? […]

Concrete mixer truck

The mixing drum is the key component of the concrete mixer truck for loading, mixing and transporting concrete. A flange is welded at the head of the mixing drum, and a raceway is welded at the rear cone. The mixing drum is driven by the reducer, and is supported by the rollers in rolling contact with the […]

forging process

Cold forging is a general term for plastic processing such as cold die forging, cold extrusion, and cold heading. It is the forming process of the material below the recrystallization temperature, and the forging is carried out below the recovery temperature. In production, forging without heating the blank is called cold forging. Most of the cold […]


During the operation of the excavator, the rotating ring gear bears a large impact load. When the excavator is inclined, the stress state is even more unfavorable. Generally, when the excavator runs for about 350,000 hours, the teeth of the rotating ring gear may be crushed or broken. Practice has proved that the use of […]

Harmonic Reducer Bearing

Crossed cylindrical roller bearing is a common rolling bearing, which is widely used in all walks of life. Crossed roller bearing is also a consumable, because incorrect installation or operation will affect its service life, and in serious cases, it will lead to bearing failure. If it is damaged, the bearing has to be replaced in […]


Many companies will face different prices in the process of purchasing heavy-duty shelves, or the prices given by different manufacturers of two shelves with the same surface will be different, so how can we purchase heavy-duty shelves suitable for enterprise warehouses? ? What are the reasons that affect the price changes of heavy duty shelves? Reasons affecting […]

square bottom paste machine

Valve bags are very popular in the domestic market, especially in the small commodity wholesale market and the food industry. Many people who make it do not know that this kind of bag is made by a special valve bag making machine. What is the working process of the valve pocket bag making machine, let’s learn […]