Multi-stage drying equipment

When we want to dehydrate a product, we will think of drying equipment or drying equipment. We will look for information about drying equipment and drying equipment. Because of the special information about this type of product, we often have Mix the drying equipment with the drying equipment. I don’t know how to distinguish between drying equipment and drying equipment.

For example, we say that food drying equipment can generally be understood as a device that can dry food. It is concerned with the result of “drying”, not the drying process, such as microwave dryer, which emphasizes the result of drying with microwave instead of the process. Therefore, drying equipment can be understood in a broad sense as any equipment that can “dry” the product, including “low temperature drying equipment”, “high temperature drying equipment”, “air drying equipment”, “dewatering equipment”, “drying equipment”, “freeze drying” Equipment”, in any case, any method, any method, which can dry the product can be called drying equipment

What is the difference between drying equipment? It emphasizes “drying”, which is a dry method or process, that is, placing the product in a certain temperature environment, allowing it to “bake” the ambient temperature and obtain The result of drying. For example, heat pump drying equipment, which emphasizes the use of heat pump to generate temperature to dry the product, it emphasizes the process of “drying”.

Therefore, drying is a method of obtaining a drying result, and the drying equipment is only a type of drying equipment that uses a drying method for drying. It can be said that the drying equipment includes drying equipment, and the drying equipment is only one type of drying equipment commonly used in many drying equipments, and they are included and affiliated.

Drying equipment on the market can generally be divided into five broad categories from dry form:

First, static drying equipment:
Hot air circulation oven (room), high temperature sterilization oven, circular vacuum dryer, square vacuum dryer.

Second, continuous drying equipment:
Belt dryer, dehydrated vegetable dryer, roller scraper wafer dryer, rotary drum dryer, disc continuous dryer, vacuum tray dryer.

Third, stirring type drying equipment:
Vacuum dryer, double cone rotary vacuum dryer, horizontal vacuum ribbon dryer, LHG vertical vacuum ribbon dryer, openable vacuum mixing dryer, hollow blade dryer, high efficiency boiling dryer.

Fourth, fluidized dryer:
Rotary flash dryer, spiral vibration dryer, horizontal boiling dryer, pulse air dryer, enhanced airflow dryer, linear vibration fluidized bed dryer.(You can also learn about the specific information of the relevant partner Vibrating screen manufacturer.)

Five, spray dryer:
High-speed centrifugal spray dryer, Chinese medicine extract centrifugal spray dryer, pressure spray dryer, pressure spray granulation dryer.

In addition, according to the difference of the heat source of the drying equipment, the difference of the drying process principle and the application industry, there are many other different classifications. With the continuous improvement of production processes in various specific fields, the selection and application of drying equipment has become more and more rational; a variety of combined drying equipment (systems) have emerged, and drying equipment has become more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.