Rotary dryer working principle

working principle

1. The belt conveyor or the bucket elevator is sent to the hopper, and then the feeder of the hopper enters the feeding end through the feeding pipeline.

2. The slope of the feeding pipe should be larger than the natural inclination of the material so that the material can flow smoothly into the tumble dryer.

3. The drum dryer cylinder is a rotating cylinder that is slightly inclined with respect to the horizontal line. The higher material end is added, the heat carrier enters from the lower end, and is in countercurrent contact with the material, and the heat carrier and the material enter the cylinder together.

4. As the rotating material of the cylinder is moved by gravity to the lower end. The wet material is directly or indirectly obtained during the forward movement of the wet material, so that the wet material is dried, and then sent out at the discharge end by a belt conveyor or a screw conveyor.

5. The inner wall of the drum dryer cylinder is equipped with a copy board. Its function is to copy and sprinkle the material, so that the contact surface of the material and the air flow is increased to increase the drying rate and promote the advancement of the material.

6. After the heat carrier passes through the dryer, the cyclone dust collector is generally required to collect the materials contained in the gas (the heat carrier is generally hot air, flue gas, etc.).

If you want to further reduce the dust content of the exhaust gas, you should also discharge it through a bag filter or a wet dust collector.

Use and maintenance

1. Dry the butter at the gear before starting the machine;

2, wipe the surface of the belt for 7 days to dry the butter;

3. The bearing housing is fired every three months or replaced with new dry butter;

4. The gear oil must be added once before the reducer is used, and replaced every four months thereafter.


The dryer is used as a drying material for drying equipment. Usually, heat transfer is required through high temperature to reduce the water content in the material. However, because the high temperature also causes the safety hazard in the dryer, the main safety hazards that the drying equipment needs to pay attention to, and at the same time have a certain understanding of the hazards caused by the safety hazard of the dryer, hoping to help everyone better use the drying Dry machine!

Security Hidden 1: Host Installation

Under normal circumstances, the dryer adopts a low-fire installation with a high fire end. This installation method will largely lead to the speed at which the material to be dried flows to the far fire end. If the storage capacity of the drying material is low, a large amount of heat will be paid, and the utilization efficiency of the dryer drum space is affected.

Safety hazard 2: inlet temperature

In order to effectively improve the efficiency of the dryer during the drying process of the dryer, the temperature at the inlet end is generally increased. If the temperature is increased, the drying efficiency can be accelerated, and the color of the dried material is blackened, which will affect the drying material. the quality of,

Safety hazard three: drum running speed

In the operation of the dryer, if the speed of the drying material flowing to the outlet direction is reduced by reducing the speed of the drum, the number of dynamic contact between the drying material and the hot air is also reduced. In order to increase the efficiency of the dryer at this time, it is necessary to increase the diameter of the drum and the diameter, which will cause the equipment to occupy an excessively large area and cause heat loss.