Research necessity for drying process control

With the increasing demand for drying equipment in the market, the structure and performance of the dryer have been significantly improved, the quality has been continuously improved, and the overall level of drying equipment has been continuously improved. Throughout the equipment level of China’s drying equipment, its progress is mainly reflected in the following aspects: the control system, automatic, semi-automatic control system is widely used, so that the labor intensity is reduced, the product quality is stable; the application of computer technology, large-scale system Most of them use computer technology to carry out safety design of system parameters. The system has safety alarm and danger elimination function, especially for the drying of flammable and explosive materials. The auxiliary equipment and auxiliary equipment in the system also tend to Reasonable, heating, feeding, gas-solid separation, product packaging equipment and host matching relationship is optimized.

Therefore, the company is currently working on the research of drying and drying process control technology to realize the automation control and computer technology application of the whole drying system as much as possible, and collect, process and control the system parameters to optimize the operating conditions of the system. Reduce labor intensity and improve product quality stability.

Project achievement

1. The drying system is RD multi-layer multi-stage multi-effect drying structure. Each layer structure consists of a jacketed W-shaped shell and two hollow blade shafts and transmissions. The heat required for drying moisture is clamped. The inner wall of the W-shaped groove of the sleeve and the hollow blade wall are conducted to the material;

2. The entire device is a superposition of several working units in the vertical direction. Each work unit bears the process load in a specific process environment position and works independently, and the entire device is combined organically and continuously to complete the process task;

3. Design the system control module, designed and developed with the processing capacity of the whole dryer and the water content of the discharge as the objective function value, with the feeding amount, temperature and spindle speed of each drying unit as the parameters, in order to realize the whole system. Intelligent control to improve the accuracy and controllability of system operation;

4, through PLC or DCS intelligent drying and loading and unloading control system, supporting touch operating system; through the module’s embedding and connection control to achieve the amount of feed per layer can be intelligently set according to the water content of the sludge, online monitoring The temperature and water content data of the sludge drying process, the speed of each layer of the main motor can be intelligently controlled by the PLC module through the modification of the inverter parameters, and the vector parameters such as current and voltage are displayed online; the current voltage alarm device is set to make the drying process More stable and reliable;

5. Set the exhaust gas dust monitoring and alarm device to effectively avoid the exhaust gas from reaching the standard and avoid causing secondary pollution of the environment;

6. The whole system improves the overall operability of the equipment through the process control technology than the conventional electric cabinet control. The sludge can be arbitrarily adjusted between 1% and 50% in the whole drying process according to the process requirements. The output can be controlled as required.

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