We all know that the classrooms in universities and colleges are much larger than those in primary and secondary schools. The ground is also stepped, and row chairs are usually installed, which not only makes reasonable use of space, but also enables students in each area to see the blackboard in front. So, do you know why the university lecture halls use row chairs more?

The correct configuration of school furniture effectively affects the learning efficiency of students. Nowadays, with the changes of the times, row desks and chairs are more and more popular in schools. They are fashionable and popular with students. Therefore, many colleges and universities When choosing desks and chairs, they like to purchase desk rows.

Most of the row chairs used in the amphitheater are composed of four parts: seat, back, armrest and standing feet. The structure is generally steel-wood structure or steel-plastic structure.


1. The seat board can be automatically recycled

Because the form of row chairs is different from that of ordinary student desks and chairs, usually desks and row chairs adopt a silent and slow-rebound spring structure, so the seat plate of the ladder desk can be automatically recovered during use. This can effectively save school classroom space, make good use of the space, provide students with a high-quality learning environment, and effectively improve students’ learning efficiency.

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