The truck-mounted crane is a carrier vehicle with both hoisting and cargo-carrying functions. The slewing bearing plays a very critical role in the middle as an accessory of the truck-mounted crane. The accessory of slewing bearing is not only used on truck-mounted cranes, but also used on construction machinery models such as flatbed trucks. Next, the following detailed introduction is given to the maintenance methods of truck-mounted slewing bearings and the precautions for use. Let’s understand together. Just a moment.

Maintenance method of slewing bearing of truck mounted crane

slewing bearing of the truck-mounted crane

1. Regularly add grease

When the product is put into use, it should be filled with new grease according to different working conditions. The slewing bearing should be filled with grease regularly. According to different types of slewing bearings, the specific filling time of grease is as follows:

(1) Ball type: add grease every 100 hours of operation;

(2) Roller type: add grease every 50 hours of operation;

If it is in a special working environment, such as: tropical, high temperature, dusty, high temperature, and continuous work, the grease filling cycle should be shortened, and it should be ensured that it should be filled every 50 hours; Apply detergent once every 150 hours. When working vigorously, apply detergent every 75 hours. Note that the teeth must be wiped clean before applying detergent.

The machine must be filled with new grease before and after the machine has been stagnant for a long time. Each time the grease is added, the raceway must be filled until it overflows from the sealing device. When adding grease, the slewing bearing should be slowly transferred. Fill the raceway with grease evenly.

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