The tractor engine and gearbox power transmission device is the clutch three-piece set, that is, the pressure plate, the friction plate and the release bearing. It is generally recommended that the tractor clutch three-piece set needs to be replaced after reaching the limited mileage, and the replacement cost is about ¥500. The hourly rate varies from place to place.

Sometimes, many tractors have not reached the limited mileage, and may also need to replace the three-piece clutch, so how do you judge that your clutch plate needs to be replaced?

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Symptoms of a clutch plate failure

1. When you step on the clutch pedal or lift it up, you can hear the sound of metal friction or even smell the smell, which is a very obvious phenomenon of serious wear of the clutch plate;

2. I feel that the clutch stroke has changed from when I first bought the car, and the clutch joint point has become higher, which is probably due to the wear of the clutch plate;

3. It feels that the power of the car drops when climbing a hill, and the engine speed increases, but the power response is not timely, or there is insufficient power;

4. When the clutch is lifted, it is felt that the power connection is not smooth, and the car is intrusive, which is also the result of the wear of the clutch plate.

The clutch plate is an important part of the clutch. Before the clutch needs to be replaced, the wear resistance of the clutch is generally reduced due to severe friction. Therefore, when the clutch is in use, there is a jerky feeling when stepping on and lifting the clutch, so the clutch needs to be replaced at this time. In short, how often the clutch is replaced is not fixed, and the frequency of tractor clutch replacement is also different according to the service life and the driver’s driving habits and road conditions.

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