The plant grow rack is a rack-like tool specially formed for plant cultivation. It is mainly used to cultivate tissue culture plants. So what does this product mean for plants?

1. Plant culture is an important means to study the laws of plant growth and differentiation

Tissue culture is a technique for culturing explants to regenerate organs or plants under artificially controlled conditions. It can study the law of growth and differentiation of the cultured parts without the interference of other parts of the plant body, and can use various culture conditions to affect their growth and differentiation. developmental process.

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2. Plant culture is the basic technology for carrying out bioengineering

Various gene transfer and gene recombination techniques are established on the basis of tissue culture.

3. Plant culture can rapidly propagate plant seedlings

At present, tissue culture has been widely used in the rapid propagation of clones, the cultivation of virus-free seedlings, the selection of new varieties, the preservation of artificial seeds and germplasm, and the industrial production of medicinal plants and secondary substances.

4. Plants grow well

Since the plant growth rack can provide suitable light according to the needs of the plants, the plants cultivated in the light culture rack have a short induction rate, a fast growth rate and good growth.

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5. Automatic control of lighting time

Due to the different growth cycles of different plants, a timer can be selected as needed to automatically control the lighting time, which greatly saves manpower.

6. Three-level gradient lighting

Three primary colors of natural light, full spectrum, simulate external natural light, provide the full spectrum required for plant grow, and can choose different light intensities according to different cultivated plants.

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