Lift desks and chairs

The use of student desks and chairs in schools is very common, because if the school does not have student desks and chairs, students cannot carry out normal learning, and the study desk is very important, so the school is choosing student classes. When it comes to tables and chairs, you need to choose carefully.

Of course, the price of student desks and chairs is very important when choosing. I believe that many buyers are more concerned about price. So how much is a set of student desks and chairs?

The price of student desks and chairs

The price of student desks and chairs is different. There are many factors that will affect the overall price of student desks and chairs. However, the price of student desks and chairs is generally between 100 yuan and 500 yuan. This price is also Market conditions are also a relatively common price range. In addition, the price will be higher, ranging from 500 yuan to several thousand yuan. These are generally functional desks and chairs or customized desks and chairs. .

Factors affecting the price of student desks and chairs

Student Desk with Attached Chair

1. The influence of the material of desks and chairs

There are many materials for student desks and chairs. The materials are generally wood, steel, and plastic materials. In addition, there are combined materials, plastic-steel materials, steel-wood materials, and so on. The difference in these materials will also cause the price difference.

2. The influence of the design of desks and chairs

In addition, the design structure of student desks and chairs also has a great influence. The design is simple and complex or other small humanized designs. In addition, there is also the structure of desks and chairs. For example: the same material, the square stool is better than the one with backrest Chairs are cheaper and less material. These all affect the price.

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