Slime drying equipment

We all want to buy a slime dryer that can last longer, so how can we make the slime dryer increase its lifespan and use it for a longer time? Of course, it is to maintain the maintenance of the slime dryer. If you find the problem ahead of time, solve the problem, can you improve the work efficiency, and the machine can always be in good condition, then let’s take a look at the slime dryer. Maintenance!

First, the maintenance rules for slime dryer

1. Daily maintenance and maintenance

(1) First of all, before we turn on the machine every day, we should check the triple piece to see if the oil is sufficient. If it is insufficient, we need to add the lubricating oil. The need to pay attention is to discharge the accumulated water.

(2) It is necessary to wipe the machine with a softer cotton cloth or a softer rag every day to keep the appearance clean and rust.

(3) The fluff inside the dust box can be cleaned by hand blower or vacuum cleaner every day, which can ensure the effective ventilation of the machine and make the machine perform the best drying effect.

2. Monthly maintenance and maintenance of the dryer.

(1) Lubricating oil is added to the moving parts such as bearings every month to avoid improper friction. Open the rear cover and clean the inside of the device with a soft cotton cloth.

(2) Use a soft cotton cloth or cloth strip to clean and maintain the equipment inside the back cover box every month.

(3) Especially for new machines, with running-in period and long time of vibration, it will cause loose screws or loose parts, such as the rocker arm of the door, the screws at the pipe joints, etc., and strengthen the fastening.

(4) Always check if the belt is loose or too tight. Adjust the transfer wheel as appropriate.

3. Maintenance and maintenance of the annual dryer

(1) Check the sensitivity of the circuit control, wind turbine and heat exchanger. It is necessary to solve it when it needs to be adjusted or replaced. Check that the mounting bolts on the base are loose and strong.

(2) Check if the parts of the machine are grounded to avoid causing certain damage to the parts caused by machine shaking.

(3) Check the spring tension of each part of the dryer and adjust it in time.

(4) Check if the screws on the base of the dryer are loose and tightened.

(5) Carry out statistical reports on the thermometer or thermometer on the equipment and submit it to the local technical supervision bureau for a comparison report.

Second, the slime dryer maintenance knowledge

First of all, if the slime dryer is working outdoors, it must be waterproof. The main material of the slime dryer is steel. If there is too much water, it will increase corrosion. Therefore, we must do a good job in rainproof sheds and other facilities, and do a comprehensive paint protection every two years.

Secondly, the hot air blower needs to add lubricating grease after working for about 100 hours. The motor is replaced with butter for maintenance for about one thousand hours of operation. The hoist and conveyor bearings need to be filled with grease every shift. This not only prevents wear and tear, but also reduces the temperature of the motor and prevents the motor from burning out. Every quarter, it needs to be replaced and maintained, the debris in the air duct of the dryer is cleaned, the fan is cleaned of the blade adhesion, and the speed regulating motor speed gauge is returned to zero.

Third, the use of slime dryer maintenance experience

1. During normal operation, the inlet hot flue gas temperature is 800-700 °C, and the outlet hot flue gas temperature is 90-150 °C.

2. Check whether the lubrication points of the rolling ring, the supporting wheel and the supporting wheel bearing are sufficient.

3. There is no weld crack between the rolling ring and the backing plate of the slime dryer, and there is no excessive wear between the rolling ring and the supporting wheel.

4. Whether the contact between the rolling ring and the supporting roller is good, the contact surface is not less than 70% of the width of the rolling ring.

5. Whether the thrust of each roller is consistent and even upward.

6. Whether the fastening bolts and anchor bolts are loose or broken.

7. The foundation has vibration, cracks and sinking.

8. Whether the rotation of the retaining wheel is flexible, whether it is in good contact with the rolling ring, whether there is excessive force and the surface of the retaining wheel is bright, and the lifting of the shell and the heating of the bearing are abnormal.

9. Whether the cylinder is flexible or stable, and whether the seal is worn or leaked.

10. Whether the transmission assembly is vibrating, and whether the lubrication point is sufficient.

In summary, everyone has an understanding of the maintenance of the slime dryer, correct maintenance, precautions, potential problems and solutions in advance, always in good condition, the service life will naturally last for a long time!