The material of the slewing bearing directly determines the performance and service life of the bearing. At present, the main structure of the bearing on the market is mostly made of bearing steel, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and stability. Of course, in addition to bearing steel, there are also metal materials such as aluminum alloy or copper. In addition, the sealing ring and cage of the bearing may be different from the material of the bearing body. The following slewing bearing manufacturers will share what materials are good for the slewing bearing.

What material is good for the slewing bearing

slewing bearing

1. Ring and rolling element material

In the early stage, 45# steel was used for the slewing bearing, which was gradually eliminated in the later stage due to poor modulation performance. At present, in the more common processing technology, the rolling elements of the slewing bearing are made of carbon-chromium bearing steel which is hardened as a whole. The grade is made of GCr15 or GCr15SiMn steel; the ring of the slewing bearing is made of surface hardened steel, and is made of 50Mn steel if there is no special requirement. But sometimes customers also choose to customize other grades such as 42CrMo, 40Cr, etc. The following introduces the characteristics of these grades of steel.

(1) 42CrMo is a high carbon steel with good quenching and tempering properties and quenching properties, and is an ideal material for slewing bearings.

(2) 50Mn has good hardenability and is also an excellent choice for slewing bearings.

(3) 40Cr is also good in terms of mechanical properties, and is still in the stage of exploration and practice.

(4) GCr15 small slewing bearing can be selected, but milling and drilling in the process are troublesome due to full quenching, so it is generally not recommended.

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