Nowadays, more and more people grow some flowers and plants at home. Everyone has unique ideas, but many times they do not know what kind of planting frame to choose for indoor planting. is it safe? Will it not be able to grow? How to plant? It has become a problem for everyone. If you choose the right grow rack, it means that it is not a problem! So, how to choose a grow rack has also become a problem that everyone is concerned about. In response to this problem, the relevant personnel of the grow rack manufacturer gave us a detailed introduction.

1. Material selection

The pipes of the grow racks are not only made of PVC, but also of PVC-U, which is in line with international drinking water pipe standards, healthy and safe, and meets EU export standards; the metal brackets of the pipes are made of hot-dip galvanized metal cutting technology, and the brackets are smooth , do not grind hands.

2. Choose security

The grow racks are fixed with screws between the tube clips and the metal brackets, which will not be cut and are more firm. And the opening is smooth without burrs and does not hurt hands, easy to use! The pipeline should be selected to comply with the RoHS standard (EU drinking water pipeline production standard), pass the SVHC test and PAHs test, and meet the pipeline standard of the EU toy standard, so that the planted plants can be safer.

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