Users who purchase calcium hydroxide equipment production lines usually consult in detail about what standard the calcium hydroxide produced by calcium hydroxide equipment can meet, and purchase corresponding supporting production lines according to their own goals.

At present, the calcium hydroxide powder produced by domestic calcium hydroxide equipment can reach industrial grade use, the fineness is generally 200-400 mesh, and the content is generally 65%-93%. construction and other industries.

The fineness of calcium hydroxide equipment can reach about 325 mesh, and it can produce 6-20 tons of finished calcium hydroxide per hour. If it is produced in 24 hours, it can produce up to 480 tons of calcium hydroxide powder a day, which can meet the high standard requirements of users.


For the performance of calcium hydroxide equipment, powder fineness is undoubtedly a very important measure. Users all hope that the purchased equipment can achieve stable powder fineness and ensure powder quality. From the following two aspects to ensure that users buy Equipment to the desired effect and standard.

1. The matching powder selection device is very important. Its main function is to classify and screen the powder processed by the calcium hydroxide equipment, and select qualified finished products. Therefore, for the calcium hydroxide production line, choose the selection that is suitable for your own production line requirements. The size of the powder machine becomes very important.

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