The slewing bearing is an indispensable part of the excavator slewing device. Whether the excavator can turn left or right during work is inseparable from the credit of the slewing bearing. The slewing bearing is mainly used to support the quality of the upper body and bear the working load. Due to the heavy load operation of time and the influence of the environment, the phenomenon of inflexible operation will appear after a long time, which will cause a lot of trouble when we use it, and there is no way to work well.

Reasons for inflexible operation of excavator slewing bearing

Reason 1: The slewing bearing gear is deformed or broken, causing jamming or inflexible movement.

Solution: Repair the gear, re-weld the gear.

Reason 2: There is a problem with the sealing system of the slewing bearing, which will enter debris, such as stones, sand, etc., resulting in stuck or insensitive movement.

Solution: Clean up all the debris.

Reason 3: The newly purchased product is inflexible in idling. Check the production date of the slewing bearing. If the time is long and the climate is cold, it may be mixed with salt mist in the raceway, which will cause the rotation resistance to multiply and make the slewing bearing run poorly.

Remedy: If it can run after afterburning and there is no other abnormality, it can be used normally.

Reason 4: overload operation, resulting in inflexible movement of the slewing bearing.

Corresponding solution: The workload needs to be reduced.

Reason 5: The position of the slewing bearing is not flat.

Solution: Need to change the platform position and work in a flat position.

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