The excavator is one of the most important equipment in modern engineering construction. The reason why the excavator can turn left and right during work is inseparable from the credit of the slewing mechanism, which is an important part of the excavator.

The slewing mechanism is connected with the traveling device through a slewing bearing, and the slewing drive device makes the platform rotate relative to the traveling device, and drives the working device to rotate around its central axis of rotation. Next, the slewing bearing manufacturer will tell you about the existence and working principle of the excavator slewing bearing, hoping to help everyone.

Existence form of slewing bearing

slewing bearing

1. Rotary column slewing bearing

In the structure of the rotating column slewing bearing, the rotating body and the supporting shaft form a rotating column, which is inserted into the bearing of the bearing seat. The bearing housing is bolted to the frame. The shell of the swing cylinder is also fixed on the frame, and its output shaft is inserted into the lower bearing. The rotating body is driven to rotate relative to the frame. The working device is hinged on the rotating body and rotates with the rotating body, and the rotation angle is not more than 180°.

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