During the use of the tractor, as the workload increases, the technical conditions of the tractor will gradually deteriorate. Over time, the tractor assembly, mechanism, system and other parts and components will partially or completely lose their working ability, which will eventually make the tractor work. The power of the tractor is reduced, the economy is deteriorated, the reliability is reduced, and various appearance symptoms will appear one after another, and the clutch is one of the most frequently faulty components. Being able to grasp the common failure phenomena of tractor clutches and analyze the causes of failures is of great significance for the correct maintenance and use of tractors.

Common symptoms of tractor failure


Clutch slip

1. If there is oil stain on the friction plate and pressure plate, clean it with gasoline to remove the fault;

2. If the friction plate is too worn or burned, the clutch plate should be replaced in time;

3. The pressure of the disc spring is reduced, and the disc spring should be replaced;

4. The free stroke of the pedal is too small, or there is no free stroke, re-adjust the free stroke of the pedal as required;

5. The clutch driven plate is seriously deformed, replace the clutch driven plate.

The clutch is not completely separated, and there is a noise in the gear shift

1. The free stroke of the pedal is too large and the working stroke is too small. Adjust the free stroke of the springboard to 25-30mm;

2. The clutch driven disc is seriously warped, and the driven disc should be replaced immediately;

3. There is oil on the friction plate and the driven disc, and the friction plate and the driven disc should be cleaned;

4. The heads of the three separation levers are not in the same plane and should be adjusted to the same plane as required.

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