When using a vibrating screen, the screen has two important process indicators: one is the processing capacity, which is a quantitative indicator that indicates the screening work. Another is the screening efficiency, which is a quality indicator that indicates the screening work. Among the products on the sieve, the more the number of fine grades that do not pass through the sieve holes, the worse the sieving effect is. In order to quantitatively evaluate the completeness of sieving, the index of sieving efficiency should be used.

Screening efficiency of vibrating screen: It is an indicator of the working quality of the screen, indicating the degree of screening operation and the quality of screening products. It is usually expressed as a percentage by the ratio of the weight of the undersize product obtained during sieving to the weight of the fractions smaller than the sieve size contained in the raw material.

Because it is difficult to weigh the product of the screening operation in actual production. However, it is possible to perform sieving analysis on each product of the screening operation, thereby measuring the percentage of fine fraction weight of the sieve size through which the ore feeding, the under-screen product and the over-screen product pass through the screening operation. How to calculate the screening efficiency of vibrating screen?

Arc vibrating screen

The screening efficiency can be calculated by the lower ore screen: E=β(α-θ)/α(β-θ)*100%.

α——The content of the particle size smaller than the sieve size in the raw material;

β——The content of the particle size smaller than the sieve size in the product under the sieve;

θ——The content of particles smaller than the sieve size in the product on the sieve.

Example: a vibrating screen with a sieve hole of 15 mm, after sampling and sieving analysis, it is known that the 15-0 mm particle size accounts for 50% of the sieved materials, and the product on the sieve contains 8% of the particle size, and the sieving efficiency is calculated. how many?

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