Calcium hydroxide powder selection is to make the extracted calcium hydroxide mesh more pure. There are many kinds of powder separators, such as centrifugal, three-separation, fly ash and other different types. Qualified powder is selected.

In the process of calcium hydroxide production, even if it is produced by professional calcium hydroxide production line equipment, it is almost inevitable to mix impurities. In order to improve the quality and purity of calcium hydroxide powder, it is necessary to select qualified powders. For this qualification, in addition to requiring purity, the fineness of the powder should also be distinguished.

Small calcium hydroxide powder also has many parameters. It is based on these parameters that people keep thinking about the method of powder selection and design a powder separator. For example, according to the quality and density of the powder, under a certain wind speed, the powder can be divided into two piles with a cyclone separator. Obviously, the pile is needed, and the pile is the so-called impurity.

For the powder separator, the simpler the structure, the better, and the overly complicated powder selection channel is not conducive to the discharge of the selected powder from the powder selection device.

Due to the centrifugal force of the calcium hydroxide powder separator during the powder selection process, it is inevitable that dust will occur. When it comes to dust removal, the first thing that comes to mind is the pulse bag filter.

calcium hydroxide

Pulse dust removal adopts pulse bag type dust removal technology, which overcomes the shortcomings of conventional pulse dust collectors and sub-chamber back-flushing dust collectors. The land area is small, the operation is stable and reliable, and the economy is good. And the falling powder can be recycled and reused, which is a link to reduce the cost of producing calcium hydroxide powder, which overcomes the problem of re-pollution of water dust removal. Any conveying device falls directly into the digester and enters the powder selection system.

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