The use of crossed roller bearings is also relatively common now. Generally, it is mostly used on mechanical equipment, and is mostly used at joints. The main reason is that crossed roller bearings can operate quickly and with high precision, which can meet the use of mechanical equipment. , so it is used more now, these are all because of the advantages of crossed roller bearings, so what are the advantages of using crossed roller bearings? In response to this problem, the manufacturer of crossed roller bearings gave us the following detailed introduction.

Specific advantages of using crossed roller bearings

1. The characteristic of the crossed roller bearing is that there are two raceways in the bearing and two rows of rollers arranged in a cross. Compared with the traditional thrust bearing + radial centering bearing combination, the crossed roller bearing is compact in structure, small in size, and simplifies the table design, thereby reducing the cost of the turntable.

2. In addition, due to the use of optimized preload, this type of bearing has high rigidity, so the rigidity and precision of the turntable are also guaranteed. Thanks to the design of two rows of crossed rollers, the effective span of the bearing can be significantly increased, so this type of bearing has a high anti-overturning moment.

In the crossed roller bearing, it is divided into two types: one is a cylindrical crossed roller bearing, and the other is a tapered crossed roller bearing.

crossed roller bearing

3. In addition, crossed roller bearings are not only suitable for turntable applications with relatively low speed, but also have the advantages of high running accuracy, strong speed capability, and reduced shaft length and processing costs. Crossed roller bearings are suitable for all types of vertical or horizontal boring machines, as well as applications such as vertical grinding, vertical turning and large gear milling machines.

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