Hydrogen peroxide has strong oxidizing properties, and it will cause explosion after contact with flammable substances and organic substances, and there is a danger of combustion and explosion during impact, friction and vibration. Therefore, the transportation of hydrogen peroxide is a particularly troublesome thing. Today, the tanker sales manufacturer will introduce a semi-trailer tank truck specially designed for hydrogen peroxide transportation to truck drivers, which is not only safe, but also pulls more!

33 square stainless steel semi-trailer tank truck

tank truck

High-quality selection

The tank body is made of high-quality stainless steel, with circular section and variable diameter design, the center of gravity of the whole vehicle is lower, and the transportation is safer;

tank truck

Patent structure

The patented structure of the outer reinforcement ring, the scientific arrangement of the butterfly-shaped wave-proof board and the simple wave-proof board, the impact resistance is better;

tank truck

Reasonable match

Short wheelbase and long rear overhang are suitable for transportation in complex road conditions; the frame is made of high-strength steel, and the structure is safer after CAE force analysis;

Details can be accessed by clicking here:https://www.ly-cimc-linyu.com/news/33-square-stainless-steel-semi-trailer-tank-truck/