The tractor clutch is composed of four parts: the active part, the driven part, the pressing mechanism and the operating mechanism. The main component of the active part is the driving disc; the main component of the driven part refers to the driven disc with friction linings riveted on both sides; the main components of the pressing mechanism are the pressing spring, pressing lever, and pressing rod bracket; The main components are separation lever, separation bearing, etc. So how to overhaul these main components, let’s find out together!

1. Overhaul of driving disk and driven disk

The main damage of the active disk is wear, scratches, burns and cracks on the friction surface; warpage and deformation of the friction surface. When the thickness of the active disc is 18±0.1 mm, the surface groove depth exceeds 0.50 mm, the arch deformation exceeds 0.30 mm, and the flatness tolerance exceeds 0.12 mm, it should be ground or flat. However, after polishing, its thickness is not less than 16±0.40 mm. If the active disk is cracked or too thin, it should be replaced with a new one.

The driven disc is the most vulnerable part of the clutch. The main damage is wear, hardening, burns, cracks on the surface of the friction plate, oil stains on the surface (dry type), loose friction plate, warping and deformation of the driven disc, fracture of the steel plate, loose riveting between the steel plate and the disc, spline holes wear, etc. It can be determined by measuring the depth of the rivet head with a vernier caliper. The burial depth of the rivet head shall not be less than 0.3 mm, otherwise, use a new friction plate.

If the friction plate is seriously worn or there are more than two cracks and fall off, and the burnt surface is large and deep, the new plate should be riveted again. If there is a slight oil stain on the friction plate, it can be burned off with the flame of a blowtorch, or cleaned with gasoline, and the slight burnt surface can be polished with sandpaper. When replacing the new piece to remove the old piece, use a drill bit 0.40-0.50 mm smaller than the diameter of the old rivet to drill out the rivet head, and then gently punch out the old rivet and remove the old piece. Use a wire brush to remove dust and rust from the driven disc, and check other parts of the driven disc. The warpage of the driven disc steel plate will cause the clutch to vibrate and wear unevenly when starting, so its warpage should be checked.

The warpage of the driven disc steel sheet is also called circular runout or yaw. It can be installed on the inspection frame and measured at the outermost edge of the driven disc with a dial indicator. The circular runout limit is 0.80 mm. If it exceeds the limit, it can be calibrated by cold pressing with a special clamp.

K series

2. Maintenance of elastic push rod

The main damage of the elastic push rod is the weakening of the elastic force, the reduction of the hole center distance, the wear of the support hole, and the breakage of the elastic push rod. After the elastic force of the elastic push rod is reduced, it is heated to 780 ~ 810 ° C, quenched in oil, and then heated to 450 ~ 475 ° C for tempering.

When the center-to-center distance of the elastic push rod becomes smaller, the original center-to-center distance can be restored by thermal deformation method. between the mouth. Increase the center distance of the holes, and then perform quenching and tempering according to the above method. When the center distance of the pin holes is enlarged, care should be taken to make the center lines of the two pin holes parallel. When the fitting clearance of the pin hole of the elastic push rod is greater than 0.50 mm, it can be repaired by the maintenance dimension method. The maintenance size can be increased by 1 mm, and the fitting clearance between the pin and the hole is 0.12 mm.

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Concrete mixer trucks are engineering vehicles that transport concrete on construction sites. They come and go. In order to ensure the long-term and normal use of concrete mixer trucks, the owners and friends do not forget to maintain it daily. Next, the tank truck manufacturers will tell you about mixing. The maintenance of the gearbox in the daily maintenance of the car.

1. Always check whether the transmission oil level is normal.

Concrete mixer truck

To check the transmission oil, you need to preheat the oil to about 50 ℃, and then put the gear lever in each gear for 2 seconds and then put it in the parking gear. At this moment, the normal oil level of the oil dipstick should be located between the high and low lines. If it is not reached, the same quality of oil should be added in time.

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Because the working environment of the ball press is harsh and the work intensity is relatively high, maintenance and inspection are very necessary in the daily use process, especially now that the temperature is gradually rising, more attention needs to be paid, so the ball press equipment needs to be paid attention to in summer .What are the problems?

Problems that need to be paid attention to in the summer of briquetting machine equipment

briquetting machine

1. Prevent high temperature

①Before the briquetting machine starts to work, turn the pulley 1-2 circles by manpower, and then start the machine after confirming that the operation is normal. Be sure not to feed the material directly after starting the machine. It can only be done after the ball press is running normally. Generally, this time is about 2-3 minutes;

② During the operation of the ball press, it is necessary to always pay attention to the temperature of the bearing and hydraulic oil to keep it in a good constant temperature state, and always pay attention to whether there is any abnormality in the sound and vibration.

2. Check for wear

①After the briquetting machine is stopped, check whether the bolts are loose and how the wearing parts are worn.

② Always ensure the uniformity and consistency of the feeding of the briquetting machine, not excessive, of course not too small, remember that hard objects such as stones or iron enter the machine;

③ If it is found to be abnormal, stop the machine immediately to check, find out the cause, and confirm whether it is stuck by the object, or the pressure roller or other parts are damaged;

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The vibrating screen can only be operated in accordance with the correct safety regulations in the process of use to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Today, the vibrating screen manufacturer will introduce to you what are the safety operation regulations of the high-frequency vibrating screen that we need to abide by!

Precautions for the installation of high-frequency vibrating screen

Linear Vibrating Screen

(1) When the vibration exciter is installed and repaired, it must not be beaten hard or be different, and ensure that the original bearing is used and not interchangeable.

(2) The thickness and quantity of the eccentric block or counterweight plate attached to the eccentric block must be the same, and the radial clearance of the bearing should be C3 grade.

(3) The connection between the universal joint and the vibration exciters on both sides must be concentric, the eccentric blocks on both sides are in the free plumb position, and the universal joint connecting bolts can pass through smoothly; if there is any deviation during installation, check the universal joint Whether the joints at both ends of the section are concentric, do not swing the eccentric block angle for installation.

(4) The vibrating screen should be installed with springs with the same stiffness. The spring stiffness on both sides of the feeding end and the discharging end should be as consistent as possible, and the allowable height difference does not exceed 3mm.

(5) Both sides of the support seat of the rubber spring of the vibrating screen should be in the same horizontal plane, and the error is between 2-4mm to ensure that the materials on the screen surface advance evenly.

(6) When using electric welding to install or disassemble parts, the ground wire must be directly fixed on the workpiece to be welded and as close as possible to the welding point, and the welding current must not pass through any bearings or joints.

(7) In principle, welding should not be carried out on the side plate. According to the current environment, if connecting components are required, the side plate should be drilled and then connected with bolts.

(8) Universal joints must be concentric, and protective devices must be installed to prevent them from breaking and falling out and hurting people.

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We know that the slewing bearing has a very important role in some production, and in order to ensure these functions, we need to perform a lot of operations on the slewing bearing during the use of the slewing bearing. The sealing of the more common bearings, then why should the slewing bearing be used? to seal? What are the common sealing methods of slewing bearings?

The role of sealed slewing bearing

Slewing Bearings

1. Isolate foreign objects from outside

Protect the bearing to prevent external dust, dirt, metal particles, moisture, acid gas and other debris from invading the inside of the bearing. If the bearing is poorly sealed and external debris invades, the working condition of the bearing will be significantly deteriorated, and the service life of the bearing will be significantly reduced.

2. Prevent grease leakage

If the oil leaks, it will quickly destroy the normal lubrication of the bearing, causing the bearing to burn out due to heat. In addition, the poor sealing device not only causes waste of oil leakage, but also contaminates mechanical equipment and processed products. Therefore, to make the machine work properly, the bearing must have a good sealing device.

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In our daily life, we often see such a situation. Children lie on the dining table or sit on the bed to do homework and study, some because of the space constraints at home, and some because the parents do not pay enough attention. These seemingly inconspicuous little things are closely related to the child’s academic performance and physical health, so don’t be careless! Parents, do you know how to choose the right desk and chair for your child?

1. Security

Since it is a product for children, first of all, safety must be guaranteed. Whether it is from the material or the overall design of the product, safety must be considered. Remind parents, don’t be deceived by some bells and whistles, if you really don’t know how to choose, try to choose some big brands. Generally speaking, big brands have good reputation, and quality and safety are guaranteed.

2. Functionality

A high-quality children’s desk chair must be ergonomically designed. The height of the desk and chair should match each other. In the process of using it, children can develop a good sitting posture and use their eyes scientifically. When purchasing, it also depends on whether the desks and chairs can be adjusted. Of course, it is good to adjust according to the height of the child, and it can match different heights.

High Quality School Table with Chair

3. Ease of use

In the reading stage, children need stationery books and other items, and it is equally important if the desk can be equipped with a good storage function. Moreover, during the adjustment process of the desk, to see if it is convenient for children to adjust by themselves, without the help of parents, it is still a lot of peace of mind!

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Lime digester, also called ash digester, lime digester, is a special equipment for digesting quicklime (calcium oxide) into lime milk or slaked lime powder. The lime digester has the function of vigorously stirring and digesting quicklime. It has the characteristics of simple operation and maintenance, thorough digestion, high production efficiency, large specific surface area of the digested slaked lime powder, environmental protection and hygiene, etc. It is especially suitable for the digestion of poor quality quicklime.


Stirring tank lime digester (ash mixer) is mainly a device that digests quicklime into slaked lime powder, and can also digest quicklime into lime milk. It is divided into two types: single-shaft stirring and double-shaft stirring. Combination of two forms. Each is composed of a power unit, a stirring tank body, a stirring shaft, a wear-resistant stirring blade, a spray device, and a dust removal device.



1. The equipment has its own independent and reasonable dust removal system, so there is no pollution, and the equipment has the characteristics of compact structure:

2. A set of screw feeders are designed at the feed port of the digester to prevent the backflow of steam and dust generated during the digestion process, so that the formed steam and dust can be concentrated to the dust outlet and enter the dust removal equipment to reduce corrosion and damage to surrounding equipment. damage, provide an excellent working environment. At the same time, the utilization rate of quicklime is also improved. This equipment adopts the cover type water adding device, the water adding amount is more uniform, and the quicklime is digested more thoroughly.

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As the name suggests, the square bottom machine is used to bond the bottom of the paper bag to the whole through a certain hot pressing or gluing process. We often use various paper bags in our daily life, but few people understand the working principle and working process of this bag making machine.

The working principle of the square bottom machine

HD200A-IIIDJ Square Bottom Machine

1. Silo discharge mechanism

The apparatus includes a rack. The frame is provided with a turntable, a turntable, a paper suction assembly arranged on the turntable, a silo, and a discharging mechanism; the silo and the discharging mechanism are arranged on both sides above the frame, and the silo and the discharging mechanism are located on the rotation path of the turntable. ; The turntable includes a disc body at both ends and a mandrel connecting the two disc bodies.

2. Paper suction device

The paper suction assembly is rotatably installed on two disc bodies of the turntable, one of the disc bodies is provided with a transmission mechanism for driving the rotation of the paper suction assembly, and the other disc body is provided with a gas distribution mechanism for distributing air to the paper suction assembly; the paper suction assembly It includes a hollow shaft, the hollow shaft is rotatably arranged on the two disc bodies of the turntable, and a number of paper suction wheels are sleeved on the hollow shaft.

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LY1465 printing machine is an advanced and economical additional printing machine, which can be connected to a paper bag making machine.The unit consists of three parts: paper tube machine, square bottom machine and printing machine. This model has a wide range of applications, and can be used for cement bag printing through optional inking technology. Flexible configuration: two-color, three-color or four-color printing units can be selected, and the ink fountain roller type inking unit can be matched to meet the requirements. The inking task has the characteristics of high precision and high efficiency.

Four-color press performance

Four-color printing machine

(1) The stable structure and printing units in line assure high-quality printing.

(2) Printing speed up to 120 meters per minute, specific speed according to the disposition of printing units.

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Steel bookshelves have begun to slowly replace solid wood bookshelves because they are not only more secure in quality, but also more beautiful in appearance. They are now widely used in institutions, enterprises, schools, shopping malls, family, etc. Why is it becoming more and more popular? How is the steel bookshelf made? So let’s take a deeper look at the steel bookshelf and see where its advantages are.

First, the production process of steel bookshelf

Static shelving

1. Plate

The processes from cutting, shearing, bending, stamping, welding, spraying, assembling, packaging, etc. are all operated by high-precision production lines with a degree of mechanization of 70%. In the production process, the next process checks the previous process. The quality of the products is high, and the unqualified semi-finished products are prevented from flowing into the next process, so as to check every layer.

2. Surface treatment

Process: high temperature degreasing – cleaning (first time) – rust removal – (pickling) – cleaning (secondary) – phosphating treatment – cleaning – drying – spraying – heating up to 200 degree of curing.


A. Surface spray adhesion test.

B. One kilogram of steel balls can be naturally dropped at a height of 50 cm for impact, and the surface will not fall off.

Second, the advantages of steel bookshelves

Industrial racking

1. Sturdy and environmentally friendly

Compared with traditional wooden bookshelves, steel bookshelves have obvious advantages in fire resistance, firmness and environmental protection. Steel bookshelves are generally made of steel plates, and the surface is electro-galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, powder electrostatic spraying, or sprayed with epoxy resin after phosphating, so the high hardness and strong coloring degree of steel bookshelves are formed. It will not peel off the paint or cause the surface to dent due to ordinary impact.

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