The main structure of the slewing reducer is a structure in which the slewing bearing is used as a transmission follower and a mechanism attachment, and the slewing bearing itself is used to cooperate with the driving power source and the main transmission parts to complete the rotation, deceleration and driving. The slewing bearing is still one of the more critical components, so will the raceway of the slewing drive be damaged? Below, Xiaobian will give you a detailed introduction.

Will the raceway of the slewing drive be damaged?

Will be damaged. As an important component used by many construction machinery, the slewing reducer will inevitably have problems such as wear and fatigue damage during daily use. Because of its slewing structure, it is inevitable that the raceway will be damaged during work. . In addition to the insufficient rigidity of the raw materials in the manufacturing process, the reasons for the damage to the raceway may include unreasonable structural design and insufficient manufacturing accuracy of the reducer. Let’s take a look at it in detail:

VE Series Slewing Drive

Causes of damage to the slewing drive raceway

1. Heat treatment process

The processing quality of the rotary reducer itself is related to the manufacturing accuracy, heat treatment state, and axial clearance. What we usually ignore is the influence of the heat treatment state. In addition to the external force, the most important thing for the damage of the raceway is the depression and cracks on the surface of the raceway during its production. This is related to the hardness of the raceway surface and the hardness of the hardened layer and the core, and these factors are determined in the heat treatment process. For this reason, the depth of the hardened layer on the raceway surface is insufficient and the hardness of the core is low. A more critical factor in its raceway damage.

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Nowadays, the coal slime content in the products of the coal industry increases and contains a lot of water, which brings certain difficulties to the dehydration of coal slime. In the past, the investment in the water treatment of coal slime was relatively large, which was not conducive to the control of production costs, but now the high-frequency dewatering vibrating screen is used, which has the characteristics of large processing capacity and simple process system, which can well dewater the coal slime. High-frequency dewatering screen is a kind of vibrating screen with high frequency and high vibration intensity as the main features. It is suitable for wet separation and solid-liquid separation of fine-grained materials. The vibrating screen manufacturer summarized the working principle of the high-frequency dewatering vibrating screen and introduced the high-frequency dewatering vibrating screen in detail.

Working principle of high frequency dewatering vibrating screen

The working principle of the high-frequency dewatering vibrating screen is to use high-frequency vibration to destroy the surface tension of the pulp, and the fine-grained materials will vibrate at a high speed on the screen surface to accelerate the separation of large-density minerals, and increase the contact between the materials smaller than the separation-sized materials and the screen holes. Probability, double vibration motor or flange type vibration exciter, the two motors are driven outside to make self-synchronized rotation in opposite directions, so that the screen body performs periodic reciprocating motion along a straight line, and fine-grained materials can be quickly screened out through the screen holes , in order to achieve the purpose of screening and dehydration.

Because the high frequency screen adopts high frequency, on the one hand, it destroys the tension on the surface of the pulp and the high-speed oscillation of the fine-grained materials on the screen surface, accelerates the separation of the large-density useful minerals, and increases the contact between the materials smaller than the separation size and the sieve holes. probability. Therefore, better separation conditions are created, so that the materials smaller than the separation particle size, especially the particles with large specific gravity, together with the ore pulp, pass through the sieve holes to become the under-sieve product.

High frequency dehydration vibrating screen

Workflow of high frequency dewatering vibrating screen

1. Two vibration motors with the same parameters installed on the excitation beam symmetrically rotate in opposite directions when they are connected to electricity, and each generates an equal centrifugal force, and the components of the two forces in the vertical vibration direction cancel each other out in opposite directions;

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Valve bags are mostly used for filling granular or powdery materials, which are used for loading and unloading bulk materials for convenient transportation. So do you know how valve bags are filled?
1. Valve bag filling process
The square bottom machine can use valve pockets to contain all kinds of fine powder and ultra-fine powder materials with low bulk density, strong air affinity, good or bad self-flowing properties.
The discharge port is unobstructed, the filling starts, the material enters the dividing wheel from the outer silo, and enters the ash hopper from the feeding port on the machine base. The material is evenly sent to the discharging port through the smooth rotation of the impeller. Lightly touch the travel switch on the right side of the material nozzle, the sealing cylinder shrinks, and the material falls into the bag smoothly.

HD200D-IIIDJ Square Bottom Machine

Using the valve bag packaging machine, the material is evenly filled into the valve bag through the discharge seat, and then the filling amount is controlled by weight, and the sealing cylinder extends into the working state to seal the discharge port. That’s all for the valve bag filling process.

2. Advantages of automatic filling and molding of valve pockets
(1) The valve bag can withstand high temperature filling at 70~80℃ and dozens of handling turnovers.

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The production of calcium hydroxide has been developed from the traditional manual to the current intelligent production line, and the production efficiency and production equipment have been greatly improved. The following calcium hydroxide manufacturers will introduce the calcium hydroxide production line to you. What advantages and how does it work!


calcium hydroxide equipment


Calcium hydroxide production line can produce various specifications of calcium hydroxide, common specifications are 3T/h, 6T/h, 10T/h, 15T/h, 20T/h, which can meet the needs of most customers and also increase for us customer group.


The calcium hydroxide production line has less flue gas emissions, is a very energy-saving production equipment, and complies with the proposed green environmental protection standard.


The calcium hydroxide equipment has a high degree of mechanization, and many process computers can be controlled, reducing the disadvantages of manual control. Take labor as an example, skilled workers can produce standard products, but the products produced by new workers are not standard enough, which leads to product inconsistency. The computer-controlled production line produces standardized products.

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In order to facilitate the transportation of apartment beds, manufacturers usually disassemble the beds for transportation. After the customer receives the goods, the staff will assemble them. This installation process will take a long time. Efficiency and other issues, apartment bed manufacturers have sorted out some precautions and maintenance methods for apartment bed installation, hoping to help everyone.

Matters needing attention before installing the apartment bed

1. Clean up the site

Complete the cleanup of the installation site. The porters and installers of the apartment beds all have specific job contents and are not responsible for cleaning the site. If the cleaning work is not done in time, it is easy to cause a delay in the installation time, and it will also lead to an increase in labor costs.

2. Confirm the installation team

It is necessary to communicate with the apartment bed manufacturer in advance to confirm that there are several people in the team and who is in charge. This can also better communicate, improve work efficiency, and avoid unnecessary emergencies during the installation of apartment beds that affect acceptance and later use.

Black Metal Bunk Bed Frame

Matters needing attention in the installation of apartment beds

1. Avoid bumps

The apartment bed is a large item, and the weight is not light. At least two people can move it. When moving, pay attention to whether it will touch the wall, wipe the floor and other items, and pay attention to the safety of personnel.

2. Place smoothly

When placing the apartment bed, the ground should be kept flat, and the four legs of the bed body should be stable and flat on the ground.

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The temperature of the slewing bearing directly reflects whether the bearing is running normally. If the bearing temperature is too high, it may directly reflect that there may be some kind of failure in the bearing, which directly affects the performance of the machine. So how many degrees can the slewing bearing temperature generally not exceed?

Under normal circumstances, the temperature of the slewing bearing should not exceed 70℃, because the allowable temperature of the lubricating grease of the slewing bearing should be less than 80℃. Let’s take a look at the normal temperature range of the slewing bearing and how to solve the problem if the temperature is too high.

slewing bearing

1. The normal range of slewing bearing temperature

The temperature of the slewing bearing is mainly limited by the heat-resistant temperature of the bearing steel, cage, sealing material and lubricant, and in general, the working temperature of the slewing bearing should not be higher than 95 ℃. The aforementioned slewing bearing temperature should not exceed 70°C is calculated based on the grease life. If the operating temperature increases by 15°C, the grease life will be reduced by half. Among the heat-resistant temperature limits of several materials that affect the temperature of the slewing bearing, the heat-resistant temperature of the grease is lower, so this is the upper limit.

The normal working temperature that ordinary bearings can withstand is between 40 degrees Celsius and 70 degrees Celsius, but the ideal working temperature of slewing bearings should be in the range of 40-60 degrees Celsius. The slewing bearing used in the low temperature environment can be used in the vacuum environment. The selection of the low temperature bearing does not affect the working performance of the bearing, and it can also be used normally at minus 60 ℃.

Surface temperature of slewing bearing: When the bearing is running under the specified working conditions, the temperature of the outer surface of the built-in bearing should not be higher than the temperature of the conveying medium by 20℃, and the upper limit of the temperature should not be higher than 80℃. The temperature rise of the outer surface of the externally mounted bearing should not be higher than the ambient temperature by 40°C. The temperature is not higher than 80℃.

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If the material wants to be screened, it must pass through the screen on the linear vibrating screen. When using the screen, a very critical factor is the tension of the screen, which is related to the screening effect of the material and the linear vibrating screen. production efficiency. Because the insufficient tension of the screen mesh will bring many influences, what are the influences of the insufficient tension of the linear vibrating screen mesh? How to solve it?

Influence of insufficient tension of linear vibrating screen mesh

Arc vibrating screen

1. Lead to material retention

Insufficient tension of the screen mesh of the linear vibrating screen will lead to the retention of materials, thereby preventing the forward movement of the material layer, which may lead to the accumulation of materials, or even block the screen mesh, affecting the production efficiency of the vibrating screen. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the tension of the vibrating screen to flatten the screen surface, thereby increasing the service life of the vibrating screen, and at the same time contributing to the power and productivity of the vibration. Part of the screening will concentrate on the force for a long time, which will easily cause the screening to break, and screen the materials that should not be screened, which will affect the screening effect.

2. Serious stress concentration

If the screen tension of the linear vibrating screen is large, the stress concentration will be serious. If the screen tension is loose, it is easy to produce secondary vibration, and the screen will be damaged prematurely under the action of alternating stress, which will increase the production cost.

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There are many types of briquetting machine, and it is also a widely used equipment, such as: chemical, energy, transportation, refractory, electric power, metallurgy and other industries are inseparable from the support of the ball press, so the selection of the ball press How should I choose?

Misunderstandings in the selection of briquetting machine

High pressure briquetting machine

1. It is believed that the larger the diameter of the briquetting machine, the higher the output will be.

This is correct to a certain extent, but it is not inevitable. For the processing of a certain material, the process requirements are different, and the selection of the briquetting machine is actually different. The amount of processing is not necessarily small.

2. It is believed that the higher the linear pressure ratio of the briquetting machine, the better

In fact, the line pressure ratio of the briquetting machine is the result of the test to obtain a certain technological purpose. Reasonable is good, not the higher the better.

3. Artificially classify the ball press

For example, some pressing balls are material moisture, which are divided into dry powder ball presses, wet material ball presses, and some are divided into low pressure ball presses, medium pressure ball presses and high pressure ball presses according to the size of the line pressure ratio. According to the material category, it is divided into: coal briquetting machine, coke powder briquetting machine, mineral powder briquetting machine, etc., and some are even more finely classified. We believe that reasonable classification is possible, but not necessarily necessary, and classification based on publicity purposes is a choice that may mislead investors.

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Now in many offices, there will be bookshelves, mainly to store some materials, books, sundries, etc. It can bring us great convenience, but on the issue of how to buy bookshelves, many people still do not know Understand, today office furniture manufacturers will talk to you about how to buy bookshelves, so that you can also have a clear understanding.

How to choose a bookshelf

Generally, when we choose a bookshelf, firstly, we need to look at the material of the bookshelf. Of course, we should choose some products that are corrosion-resistant, strong bearing, easy to take care of, and resistant to dirt. Secondly, we need to see whether the structure of the bookshelf is reasonable. Will be more durable and long life.

1. Pay attention to the internal dimensions of the bookshelf.

Before buying a bookshelf, you should consider the books to be placed in the future and the size of the files before purchasing.

2. Pay attention to the load-bearing capacity of the bookshelf.

Books are heavier and different from items stored in other furniture, so they have high requirements for firmness, especially the firmness of the horizontal plate in the middle of the bookshelf and the vertical shelves at both ends of the horizontal plate are important components related to the load-bearing of the bookshelf, and must be strong. , The vertical support force should also be strong, so that the whole can be firm and durable, so when purchasing bookshelves, you must choose a strong and firm one.

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When it comes to tank trucks, everyone is familiar with them. Most of the oil in gas stations is transported from oil fields by tank trucks. Therefore, many drivers of tank trucks will carry out long-distance transportation for many years, and some drivers tend to ignore some of the vehicles. Detailed maintenance, the following tank truck sales manufacturers will show you the maintenance details of the tank truck.

1. Tank truck body cleaning

Because the tanker runs for a long time, the body will be very dirty. Therefore, the body of the tanker should be cleaned frequently and carefully. It is necessary to know that excessive dirt on the body may cause a short circuit or corrode parts. Always keep the body clean. It can not only prolong the service life of the vehicle, but also keep the appearance of the vehicle beautiful.

2. Maintenance of the tanker bumper

The bumper of a fuel tank truck is different from the body. It can be cleaned with chemical synthetic agents. After cleaning, the bumper is not prone to rust, which is beneficial to prolong its service life.

tank truck

3. Remove tar and asphalt from the car body

Because the removal of asphalt and tar is a chemical synthetic agent, since it is a solvent, do not use it in the body in large quantities. Strictly speaking, only apply it on the surface of asphalt and tar. Therefore, wiping with a cloth dipped in a solvent increases the contact area between the synthetic agent and the asphalt, etc., the effect is better, and the cleaning is easy.

4. Maintenance of the cab steering wheel and brake pedal

The steering wheel is dirty and needs to be cleaned in time, so that the operation of the car linkage will be more agile and comfortable. Before driving, pay attention to check whether the gas and brake pedals are in place, and clean up the sludge on the pedals in time to avoid affecting the driving of the vehicle.

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