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Drying is a process of heat and mass transfer. Regarding the definition of “drying”, the important point is energy. Driven by energy, the material is dry and the heat source is critical to the overall drying process and is an important part of the drying equipment. The drying equipment uses a heat source, and the […]

Slime drying equipment

There are a variety of drying equipment on the market. In order to better understand the drying equipment, we will briefly introduce the common types of drying equipment. We all know that the drying process of drying equipment requires a lot of heat energy. In order to save energy, some materials with high moisture content, […]

Mixing technology

There are many types of industrial drying equipment, because the equipment performance required in different working environments is different. For example, vacuum drying equipment is used for pharmaceuticals because powdery chemicals can cause dust pollution. The equipment designed for the problem; the vertical drying equipment and the horizontal drying equipment are caused by the environment […]


Structure design and drying characteristics of paddle dryer 1, structural design The paddle dryer is a new type of energy-saving dryer with a jacket on the outside. Two vane shafts rotate inside each other, and the shaft and the blades are hollow. The heat medium is fed into the shaft, the vanes and the jacket […]

bn paddle dryer

The core components of the paddle dryer are hollow shafts (which can be divided into single shaft, double shaft, and four shafts) and hollow agitating blades welded to the shaft. Generally, the double shaft is selected in the sludge drying process. The shape of the blade is a wedge-shaped hollow semicircle, and the inside can […]


The sludge paddle dryer is used in printing and dyeing, paper making, biological, electroplating, thermoelectric, chemical and sewage treatment plants. The content and requirements of structural design are also very different, but all have the same commonality. The functional design meets the functional requirements of the main sludge dryer and is technically specific. Such as […]

Multi-stage drying equipment

The paddle dryer is a device with high thermal efficiency, low operating cost and cost saving. a jacket is arranged on the dryer cylinder, a hollow blade is arranged on the hollow shaft, and the jacket and the blade are inserted into the intercept body, and the sludge and the hot surface of the blade […]


First, introduction As the urban sewage treatment rate increases year by year, sludge production also increases dramatically. According to the “Environmental Statistics Annual Report 2010” of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, at the end of 2010, there were 2,881 urban sewage treatment plants in China with a designed processing capacity of 123.31 million t/d, and […]

Slime drying equipment

Drying equipment is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural and forestry products, food, light industry and other fields. It is a general-purpose mechanical product with a large quantity. The drying equipment industry has gone through many years of history from formation and development to maturity. At present, the conventional drying equipment required by the domestic […]