valve bags

Valve bags are mostly used for filling granular or powdery materials, which are used for loading and unloading bulk materials for convenient transportation. So do you know how valve bags are filled? ​​ 1. Valve bag filling process ​​ The square bottom machine can use valve pockets to contain all kinds of fine powder and ultra-fine powder materials with […]

calcium hydroxide production line

The production of calcium hydroxide has been developed from the traditional manual to the current intelligent production line, and the production efficiency and production equipment have been greatly improved. The following calcium hydroxide manufacturers will introduce the calcium hydroxide production line to you. What advantages and how does it work! ADVANTAGES OF CALCIUM HYDROXIDE PRODUCTION LINE 1. […]

apartment bed

In order to facilitate the transportation of apartment beds, manufacturers usually disassemble the beds for transportation. After the customer receives the goods, the staff will assemble them. This installation process will take a long time. Efficiency and other issues, apartment bed manufacturers have sorted out some precautions and maintenance methods for apartment bed installation, hoping to […]


The temperature of the slewing bearing directly reflects whether the bearing is running normally. If the bearing temperature is too high, it may directly reflect that there may be some kind of failure in the bearing, which directly affects the performance of the machine. So how many degrees can the slewing bearing temperature generally not […]


If the material wants to be screened, it must pass through the screen on the linear vibrating screen. When using the screen, a very critical factor is the tension of the screen, which is related to the screening effect of the material and the linear vibrating screen. production efficiency. Because the insufficient tension of the screen […]

briquetting machine

There are many types of briquetting machine, and it is also a widely used equipment, such as: chemical, energy, transportation, refractory, electric power, metallurgy and other industries are inseparable from the support of the ball press, so the selection of the ball press How should I choose? Misunderstandings in the selection of briquetting machine 1. It […]


Now in many offices, there will be bookshelves, mainly to store some materials, books, sundries, etc. It can bring us great convenience, but on the issue of how to buy bookshelves, many people still do not know Understand, today office furniture manufacturers will talk to you about how to buy bookshelves, so that you can also […]

tank truck

When it comes to tank trucks, everyone is familiar with them. Most of the oil in gas stations is transported from oil fields by tank trucks. Therefore, many drivers of tank trucks will carry out long-distance transportation for many years, and some drivers tend to ignore some of the vehicles. Detailed maintenance, the following tank truck sales […]

bn paddle dryer

Hollow paddle dryer is a type of horizontal stirring dryer. Because the inner hollow stirring blade is similar to a boat paddle, it is called a hollow paddle dryer. It is more suitable for granular materials, powdery and paste materials drying, so the use range is still very wide, in the process of use due […]